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One of the finest, premiere publication from Eclipse Comics was Sabre, by Don (Killraven, Detectives, Inc.) McGregor and Paul (Master of Kung Fu, SCI Spy) Gulacy. First a graphic novel, leading into a long running comic book series. The comic was somewhat in the Killraven (War of the Worlds) vein.

Then a series continued from Eclipse's first graphic novel Sabre and also Eclipse's first continuing series. Sabre, originally titled Dagger which was going to be a weekly newspaper tabloid, was created by the awesome duo of Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy.

Sabre is a science fiction swashbuckling tale. A self-consciously romantic rebel named Sabre, and his companion Melissa Siren, fight the mercenary Blackstar Blood and others, to achieve freedom and strike a blow for individuality, all set in a futuristic Disneyland turned torture chamber.
I am going to focus on my favorites, the graphic novel and first two issues of the comic book series since Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy are two of my favorite creators. Both have great web sites to visit and lose yourself in.
Sabre GN
2nd Printing published in February 1979. The backs of some later Eclipse comics list this issue as #1 in the Eclipse Graphic Album Series, but it is not listed that way in the book itself.

Sabre #1
"Slow Fade of an Endangered Species"
Reprints the graphic novel.
Colored for the first time with this printing.

Sabre #2
"Slow Fade of an Endangered Species"
Reprints the graphic novel. 
Colored for the first time with this printing.

Sabre 10th Anniversary Edition
Trade paperback reprint of the graphic novel.
Swashbuckling, new Paul Gulacy cover.    

Sabre 30th Anniversary Edition
First time in hardcover! 
Beautiful pulp-sized hardcover reprint, from Desperado Publishing, of the graphic novel!
Moody, new Paul Gulacy cover.
Sabre is a consummate hero - the ultimate freedom fighter in a world gone mad. The country has been devastated by a nuclear holocaust and the ruling powers - led by the villainous Overseer - have all but gained control of the world. And yet, despite their prisons and concentration camps, a few intrepid souls have escaped their claws - and one of them even dares to fight back!

Heavy Metal Vol. 3 #2 (Vol. 2 #2)
Featured title pages by Paul Gulacy, for story sequences.
Also included an untitled 8 page story.

Last issue of Sabre!
Sabre went on for a 14 issue run, all written by Don McGregor, with Billy (Power Man, Black Panther, Vampirella) Graham illustrating issues #3 through #9 and Jose (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella) Ortiz finishing the artistic reins.

Sabre The Early Future Years with alternate cover by Craig (Aquaman) Hamilton!
Sabre The Early Future Years with alternate cover art by Brian (Goldeneye) Stelfreeze!

Don McGregor tried to bring Sabre back in Sabre, the Early Future Years but was unsuccessful. Another crying shame!

I'd like to take this time to highly recommend Don McGregor's Dragonflame paperback book. It's wonderful, you'll lose yourself in his world and bedazzled with the Paul Gulacy illustrations. It's a marvelous book!

The Art of Paul Gulacy hardcover edition! Fantastic reference book!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Sabre The Early Future Years with Trevor (Thriller) Von Eaden art inked by George (Captain Canuck) Freeman!

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