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"Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!"

Dell Comic's 77 Sunset Strip only ran one issue, although continued from six issues of the Four Color Comics. This issue was followed by...

The Gold Key Comic's 77 Sunset Strip. but ran only two issues. They were written by prolific Paul S. Newman with Russ (Magnus, The Aliens) Manning artwork! They featured photo covers with pin-ups on the rear cover. The Gold Key series follows the Dell series, but does not continue its numbering.

The comic book was based on the 1958-1964 television series of the same name. Jazzy 77 Sunset Strip starred Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Stu Bailey with Ed Byrnes as Gerald Lloyd "Kookie" Cookson and Roger Smith as Jeff Spencer.

The 77 Sunset Strip television series revolves around two Los Angeles private detectives, both former government secret agents: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. played Stuart ("Stu") Bailey, a character TV series creator Roy Huggins had originated in his 1946 novel The Double Take (which he later adapted into the 1948 movie I Love Trouble, starring Franchot Tone in the role). Roger Smith played Jeff Spencer, also a former government agent, and a non-practicing attorney. The duo worked out of a stylish office at 77 Sunset Boulevard (colloquially known as "Sunset Strip"), between La Cienega Boulevard and Alta Loma Road on the south side of the Strip next door to Dean Martin's real-life lounge, Dino's Lodge. Suzanne, the beautiful French switchboard operator played by Jacqueline Beer, handled the phones.  
Dell Comic's 77 Sunset Strip #1  Kookie and Jeff uncover a fantastic scheme to cheat an old man out of his millions!
"Two Days to Highpoint"
To keep an important appointment in Highpoint, Jeff Spencer & Kookie race against a tight timetable. Unaccidental accidents put them behind schedule, and they are forced to a desperate decision in order to keep their date.
"The Telltale Tridents"
Stu Bailey faces a case of brotherly devotion when he is hired by one brother to clear another brother of a murder charge. With evidence pointing to both brothers, Stu and Jeff leave no stone uncovered to be sure that the guilty man is found.

Gold Key Comic's 77 Sunset Strip #1  A briefcase with top-secret matter gets Kookie into water too hot to tread!
"The Mix-Up"
"Blaze of Revenge"
"The Ruby Caper"

Gold Key Comic's 77 Sunset Strip #2  Stu Bailey uncovers the truth behind a troubled friend's mask of fear!
"Mask of Fear"
"The Line-Up"
"The Alita Mine Caper"

The Dell Comic's Four Color Comics of 77 Sunset Strip issues included artwork by Alex (Space Ghost) Toth!

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