Friday, February 6, 2015


What a fetching superhero!

This pilot story was written by prolific Joe Gill with art by Steve (Captain Atom) Ditko. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this Ditko gem has been reprinted. A crying shame!

E-Man #5
"Freedom's Star"
Introduces Liberty Belle!
Caroline Dean, Liberty Belle, was a red-white-and-blue heroine who helps out on an American rocket launch. 

It's always fun to come across Steve Ditko art I haven't seen before. This is the classic Ditko I love to see. Hope you've enjoyed it as well. 

Live Large My Friends!

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  1. Great costume and proof that Ditko can draw attractive women when he wants to. I think the "Ditko can't draw women" canard is a result of him filling his supporting casts with mostly ordinary looking people. See the first 38 issues of Spider-Man, for example. Personally I think this is a strength and find it weird when you get a comic book where everyone looks like a matinee idol or clothes model.