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One of my favorite Atlas Comic's titles was Rich Buckler's Demon Hunter. One of the best Rich Buckler comic book covers. Sadly, Demon Hunter only ran one issue, but that was not the end of the legend.

"What does a Demon Hunter do?"  

"Everything he can to prevent Xenogenesis... the rebirth of a demon race here on earth! His name? Gideon Cross. He is a telepath."
I liked Demon Hunter's costume best over the other incarnations!

Empowered by a cult seeking to bring about Xenogenesis, Gideon Cross was empowered with a shadow cloak and new abilities to serve their bidding. He turned against them, however, and became a one-man force against their evil, the new purpose of his alter ego...the Demon Hunter.

Unlike Dr. Strange or Dr. Fate, Demon Hunter was fighting a specific war against a specific evil.

Demon Hunter #1  Fantastic Origin Issue!
Written by Rich Buckler & David Anthony Kraft. 
Artwork by Rich Bucker.

I may have missed Devil Slayer, if it weren't for Deathlok. Maybe.
Marvel Spotlight #33  Is This The Way a Deathlok Dies--"
Deathlok is transported to earth in the year 1976 by Godwulf. He encounters Devil-Slayer who attacks him because he assumes he was sent by the Cult. While fighting Deathlok encounters Cory Payne (the Devil-Slayer's wife) who is the exact image of Jannice Manning, Deathlok's ex-wife. Deathlok figures out he has gone through a time warp and ends the battle but he is then transported somewhere else.
This story is continued from Astonishing Tales #36 and in Marvel Two-In-One #27. There is a splash page dedication to the band Blue Oyster Cult for the title of this story.
The design of the character was carried in Rich Buckler's later Devil-Slayer at Marvel, first appearing in Marvel Spotlight #33. Devil Slayer was Eric Simon Payne. He renounced the demon cult that granted him incredible powers and now stood against them. Their goal, Xenogenesis, the rebirth of a demon race on earth.
This story was included in the Marvel Masterworks: Deathlok #1

The Defenders #58 (through #60)
Xenogenesis Day of the Demons Part 1 Agents of Fortune 
Part 2 Tyranny and Mutation
Part 3 The Revenge of Vera Gemeni
The Eye of Agamotto is stolen from Dr. Strange by a cult of demon worshipers, the Harvester of Eyes. Valkyrie and Hulk encounter Devil-Slayer and a fight begins. Nighthawk test out his new jetpack. Dr. Strange is trapped in a demon dimension by the Harvester of Eyes cult. Defenders defeat Vera Gemeni and stop the Xenogenesis and the demon invasion.
Written by David Anthony Kraft with art by Ed Hannigan, Klaus Janson & Dan Green. 
This story arc was reprinted in the Essential Defenders #3

Galaxia Magazine #1
The Rich Buckler published magazine, Galaxia, featured the character Bloodwing. Again, this character is nearly identical to Demon Hunter. Bloodwing was also known as Gideon Cross. This was written & illustrated by Rich Buckler with inks by Sam de la Rosa.
Even though this has not be reprinted, I have come across it from time to time in the back issue bins. 

I would have enjoyed seeing Galaxia #2 printed! Alas, not to be!
Watch where you point that thing! Sorry, I couldn't resist!
Demon Hunter went through numerous incarnations, but I loved tham all. Not your normal superhero, but one with an edge. Demon Hunter, Devil Slayer or Bloodwing take the genre to a different perspective that does so well for comic books. 

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  1. demon hunter aka gideon cross was one of atlas,s best super hero titles along with the original scorpion aka moro frost and tigerman and the destructor,grim ghost. i am big fan of these atlas characters.