Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Back in sixties, in Barry Windsor-Smith's Kirbyesque period came Paradoxman, prior to the character in the over-sized Barry Windsor-Smith's Storyteller series from Dark Horse Comics. I wanted to share in the majesty of early Barry Smith art, what I've come across. I sure enjoyed his work in this time period.

In Dark Horse comic's BWS Storyteller's The Paradoxman, a science fiction thriller incorporating time travel, mysterious aliens, and the nature of perceived reality, does not share the humorous tone of the other two BWS Storyteller series.

This dark adventure chronicles the quest of Tristan Caine to be reunited with his lost wife, Lilly. Caine's odyssey carries him across time itself - from lush prehistoric landscapes visited by extraterrestrials to disintegrating post-apocalyptic urban squalor in a future gone terribly wrong. A sinister thread that runs through it all is Tristan's manipulation by the inscrutable, shape-shifting aliens who seemingly hold him captive.

Unfortunately, I don't recall Barry Windsor-Smith's original Paradoxman having been published. A crying shame!

Great little ashcan for the newer series!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Unfortunately, only 9 of the planned 12 issues were published in the Dark Horse Comic's series!

Just like Jim Steranko, I never get tired of Barry Windsor-Smith's artwork!

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