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DC Comics began a new, fantastic back-up feature in Detective Comics #437. Archie (Star Wars, Creepy) Goodwin & Walt (Alien, Thor) Simonson's Manhunter series was the dynamite back-up feature with Walt Simonson also designing the titles and provided the distinctive sound effects!

Jack Kirby's updating of the Golden Age Manhunter!
Great adaptation of the classic motion picture!

Manhunter tells the story of Paul Kirk, a big-game hunter, ex-superhero and retired covert operative. Paul is killed by a rampaging elephant but revived by the mysterious Council. The Council, dedicated to world domination, created enforcers out of Kirk’s clones, and trained them all to be unstoppable assassins. The story picks up as Manhunter rebels against the Council.

Early collection of the Manhunter Epic Saga!
Early Walt Simonson work from the classic Star*Reach #1, pictured below!

Walt Simonson has recently began updating this classic of his!

When fighting the Council, Manhunter prominently featured a cool set of weapons, a 1916 Mauser, a throwing knife, shuriken (throwing stars), and a Bundi dagger.

The series ran in Detective Comics #437 through #443.

My favorite collection, until I get the Artist's Edition!

"Manhunter: The Tale Behind the Tales"
Five page text article (printed in the Special Edition & Trade Paperbacks.)

"The Himalayan Incident"
Christine St. Clair, an INTERPOL agent, searches for the elusive Manhunter in Nepal.

"The Manhunter File"
Christine St. Clair shows her current file on Manhunter to her boss, Damon Nostrand.

"The Resurrection of Paul Kirk"
Christine finally locates a wounded Manhunter and learns who he is and how he came to be.

 Manhunter finishes telling his origin to Christine as Damon Nostrand tries to kill them both.

"Cathedral Perilous"
Posing as monks, Manhunter and Christine join a Council gathering, getting a recording of their activities, and trapping Dr. Mykros outside of the Council's Sanctuary. They are aided by a small boy on vacation with his parents.
Won 1974 Alley for best short story

"To Duel the Master"
Tracking Dr. Mykros back to Sanctuary, Manhunter must battle his teacher, Asano Nitobe.

The Council orders the execution of a friend of Batman’s drawing him into their web. Joining Manhunter, Christine, Asano, and Kolu, the five descend on Sanctuary, where Manhunter finally gets the ultimate revenge on Dr. Mykros and the Council for cloning him and bringing him back to life.
Winner of the 1974 Academy of Comic Book Arts Best Feature Length Story Of The Year.

"Manhunter: The Final Chapter!"
A silent story, takes place after “Gotterdammerung!” There is no script, due to Archie Goodwin's passing away before he could complete it.
The Final Chapter was published in Manhunter: The Special Edition Trade Paperback.
Detective Comics #443 also introduced us to Steve Ditko's The Creeper, from Showcase #73!

Dynamic Classics #1
Reprinted the 1st appearance of Manhunter and includes a Walt Simonson pin-up.
Beautiful Dick Giordano cover featuring Batman.

Oddly enough, Adventure Comics #47 contained a Manhunter story as well, who's alias was Paul Kirk! And this was way back in the Golden Age. Ironic! The story was reprinted in New Gods #5. It was the Golden Age Manhunter that led Goodwin and Simonson's Manhunter.

Page from the Artist's Edition!

Manhunter was later collected in a terrific and well respected DC comic book, a couple of fine trade paperbacks and now, finally, a well deserved Artist's Edition!

Manhunter gets one my highest recommendations, it's that good. But then again, how can you go wrong with Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson?

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Manhunter by the great Alex Ross!

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