Monday, March 23, 2015


Who in this world is Warhund?

The question posed to us on the cover of Charlton Bullseye #5. Bradd Meilke wrote the story illustrated by the up and coming Charles (Coyote, Animal Man) Truog. Truog drew a terrific cover to the one shot barbarian sword and sorcery tale of revenge with a far-out twist!

Warhund - the only son of an elderly local warlord is informed his father is dying. He takes off at a breakneck pace across the inhospitable desert of his homeworld. Arriving at his father's bedside, Warhund is informed that the villain behind his father's untimely death is named Assassin, living on the outskirts of the absence of civilization. Warhund and a few soldiers take on the robots and domed headquarters of Assassin, only to discover a terrible secret: Warhund's dad is a war criminal from space!

The whole planet turns out to be an Earth colony.

Warhund is left to somehow carve a better kingdom out of a web of lies.

Charlton Bullseye #5  Who in this world is WARHUND?
"Lair of the Assassin"
Introduction & origin of the sword wielding Warhund.

Both panels here from the Warhund cameos in Animal Man!

Unfortunately, this was the only appearance of Warhund. Save perhaps, his cameo in Animal Man, while Chaz Truog was drawing the classic comic book.

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