Thursday, March 19, 2015


Charlton Bullseye #9 introduced us to the sword and sorcery, mixed with science fiction, world of the Viking named Bludd. It provided an early look into the creative mind of Gene Day. The concept started with James Waley. Day did the script, pencils & inks. Vince Marchesano & Peter Hsu also provided pencils with inks by Peter Iro. 

Charlton Bullseye #9  Bludd!

"United We Stand"
Introduction and origin of the, axe carrying, Viking named Bludd versus the villainous Armageddon. 

There was a letters page featuring a note, by James Waley, on the publishing history of Bludd.

For your consideration, a sketch of Bludd done by Hulk artist Dale Keown. Inked by Sandy Carruthers who is currently working on Spookman, in the new Charlton Arrow comic book. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Still one of my favorite Gene Day covers!

Sandy Carruthers on Pat Boyette's Spookman!

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