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Atlas Comics presented a black and white magazine titled Devilina. The adult themed book lasted two issues, unfortunately most of the Atlas titles had short runs. Devilina is sort of a cross between Vampirella and Marvel's Satana.
House ad for the Devilina magazine!
The sister of Satan, Devilina is transported through time, along with her mother, from the Biblical "time of the casting out" to modern day New England. There, under the watchful eye of her mother, the infant Devilina grows to womanhood in a mansion guarding "the secret entrance to Hell.

Comic book ad for Devilina magazine!
Shortly after arriving at college, Devilina is contacted by Satan, who invites her to join him in ruling Hell. She refuses and is allowed to return home.

Years pass and Devilina pushes family concerns out of her mind as she pursues her studies. After her date to the graduation ball is killed in a fire triggered by Satan, she vows a war of vengeance on her brother.

The two book are an anthology of horror stories featuring women in the lead roles, including a tale of the reanimated mummy of Queen Nefertiri.

Devilina #1  Illustrated Stories of Female-Filled Fantasy!
Mirrored Alberto Pujolar painted cover used on Vampirella #111.
"The Devil's Dungeon"
Text article on horror magazines. 
Written by editor Jeff Rovin. 
"Satan's Domain"
Introduces Devilina as narrator. 
Art by Ric (Richard Dragon) Estrada. 
"The Lost Tomb of Nefertiri"
Pablo Marcus artwork. 
"Lay of the Sea"
Art by Leo Duranona.
"Midnight Muse"
Ralph Reese art. 

"Merchants of Evil"
Art by Jack (Neutro) Sparling.
"Filmdom's Vampire Lovers"
Text article with photos.
"William Shakespear's The Tempest"
Leo Summers artwork. 
Pin-up by Ric Estrada. 

Devilina #2  Illustrated Stories of Female-Filled Fantasy!
Painted cover by George Torjussen .
"Curse of the Ra Scarab"
Determined to destroy Devilina, Satan dispatches Corrupta to possess Devilina's new editor, who sends Devilina --his new occult reporter--and his top photographer to the unveiling of the Ra Scarab Amulet-- which has also been cursed by Satan.
Ric Estrada artwork.
A tribal medicine man takes a horrible vengeance on two cowboys that kill and rape a young Indian woman and kill a young brave who tries to protect her.
Art by Frank (Red Sonja) Thorne.

"The Devil's Procuress" 
A young widow makes a deal to relive her wonderful first year of marriage by birthing demons.
Jack (Pirana) Sparling art. 
"Flesh Gordon -- The Perils of Flesh" 
Article about this racy film, including pictures from the movie.
"The Prophesy"
A traveller gets his future told by a young gypsy that a wolf will devour him. What she doesn't tell him is that it isn't a wolf-- but a werewolf.
"Night Creature"
A serf kills his master and attempts to rape his daughter after she teases him unmercifully. Sentenced to the lowest chamber of the jail without light, food or water, he survives by eating bugs and rats. Years later, he escapes jail and completes his ravaging of the woman before being burned at the stake -- as the first vampire.
Art by Leo Summers.  
From Devilina #2.
From "Satan's Domain" in Devilina #1.

While short lived, Devilina was a good magazine. It was definitely geared for the adult reader, as opposed to the Atlas comic book titles. I've enjoyed it, from time to time, over the years and would recommend it.  

Mirrored cover from Devilina #1!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Side note: Pablo Marcus James Bond art I came across, had not seen before! 

From Devilina #2.
From Devilina #1.

From Devilina #1.

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