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...There Shall Come a Hero! HOWARD CHAYKIN'S IRONWOLF !!!

...and in time of Greatest Danger there shall come a Hero!

There was a short lived DC Comics' series, Weird Worlds, that sure left an impact. Not only with John Carter, Tarzan, but with Howard Chaykin's Ironwolf!

Ad for Ironwolf!

Lord Ironwolf was the finest officer from Earth-based interstellar Empire Galaktika in the 61st century. He has no super powers, but is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combat fighter. Ironwolf's a master swordsman and highly skilled with the guns of his era and sometimes uses antique 20th Century weapons, like a .357 Magnum.

On his homeworld of Illium, Ironwolf owned millions of trees with "anti-gravity wood" from which starships, such as his own, were constructed. He renounced his privileged position, a former Imperial Officer of the Court, in opposition to Empress Erika Klein-Hernandez's policies and cruelties.
Chaykin's always had a way with the ladies!
Hernandez asked Ironwolf to allow her new alien allies to make use of the trees. Fearing the aliens would then build their own fleet of starships, with which to attack the empire. Ironwolf flatly refused and smacked her across the face. As a result of his act of treason, he became a hunted outlaw and proceeded to wage a one-ship campaign of intergalactic rebellion against the Empress and her cohorts.

Weird Worlds #1
Weird Worlds #3
Weird Worlds #4

Ironwolf began in Weird Worlds #8 and ended with Weird Worlds #10. With a script by Denny (The Shadow) O'Neil, Ironwolf was created, plotted and drawn by Howard (American Flagg) Chaykin. Lettered by Walt (Manhunter) Simonson. Howard (Cody Starbuck) Chaykin, Michael (The Shadow) Kaluta & Nick (Aquaman, Teen Titans) Cardy provided terrific coves. 

Weird Worlds #8  ...and in time of Greatest Danger there shall come a Hero!
Ironwolf revolts against the Empress and become a pirate attacking the Empire's ships at will. The Empress sends Omikel to his home planet to turn his brother Tyrone against him. Ironwolf survives the assassination attempt and joins forces with the Shebaba and her Rebel Government.

Weird Worlds #9  You got Into this Palace easy enough, Ironwolf! But can you get Out--Alive?
"Though This Be Madness..." 
Ironwolf and Missy pretend to be actors to get close to the Empress. Omikel detects the ruse, poisons Missy and captures Ironwolf. Shebaba comes to the rescue but Omikel and the Empress escape.
Tales from the House of Ironwolf feature. 
Written by John Warner, from a Howard Chaykin plot with art by Vicente Alcazar.
Nick Cardy cover.  Featured character Ironwolf's name no longer hyphenated.

Weird Worlds #10  Could this be Ironwolf's Final Battle--?
Ironwolf and Shebaba take refuge on Dwyte Vanmeer's estate to hide from the Empress' forces. However Ironwolf discovers that the Vanmeers are as corrupt as the Empress.
Tales from the House of Ironwolf feature. 

Written by John Warner, from a Howard Chaykin plot with art by Vicente Alcazar.
Michael Kaluta cover. 

Weird Worlds #7 sported a John Carter cover by Howard Chaykin. Weird Worlds #5 & #6 featured John Carter covers by Michael Kaluta. Weird Worlds #5 contained a David Innes in Pellucidar story drawn by Michael Kaluta. Weird Worlds #2 had the first official Crusty Bunkers' inking job on David Innes in Pellucidar story penciled by Alan Weiss. Crusty Bunkers included Neal (Deadman) Adams, Bernie (Swamp Thing) Wrightson, Jim (Silver Surfer) Starlin, Frank (Doctor Strange) Brunner, Ralph Reese, Larry (GI Joe) Hama & Alan (Richard Dragon) Weiss. Weird Worlds #1's awesome Tarzan & John Carter cover by Joe Kubert.

Ironwolf #1 reprinted the Ironwolf stories from Weird Worlds #8-#10. Begins with an article on the original series, from Mike Gold & Howard Chaykin, with a back cover photo of Howard Chaykin. Chaykin drew an awesome new cover for the DC comic book. 

Ironwolf: Fires of the Revolution hardcover edition!

Ironwolf: Fires of the Revolution hardcover edition from DC Comics was written by Howard Chaykin & John Francis Moore. Penciled by Mike (Hellboy) Mignola & inked by P. Craig (Killraven) Russell (I always enjoyed their work together.)  It came out the next year in softcover with a new Mignola cover. Some of the events of the Weird Worlds' stories are recapitulated here but it also brings the adventure to something of a close.

Ironwolf even showed up in DC Comics' Who's Who #11 with text by Len Wein and illustration by Howard Chaykin.  

Highly Recommended big hardcover devoted to the Art of Howard Chaykin!
Chaykin cover I'd not seen before!
Famous controversial Black Kiss hardcover edition from Dynamite!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!  
Original cover art from Atlas Comics The Scorpion #1!

Original concept art for the very first Star Wars movie!

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