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Captain Action originated as an action toy/doll from Ideal Toy Co., and was published by DC under license. The comic book was written by Jim (Legion of Super Heroes) Shooter (the first two issues) with art by two comic book icons Gil (Blackmark) Kane and Wally (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) Wood.

Captain Action started out as archeologist Clive Arno, who found ancient coins while on a dig, gaving him powers from a mixed bag of various cultures' mythological gods. His son, Carl, became Action Boy. The father of his late wife underwent an experience, driving him mad, became Dr. Evil. 

Captain Action #1
"DC's Untold Origin of Caption Action"
"Where the Action Is"
Wood illustrating the characters, in an obligatory origin story. Full of large, roomy panels, the pages, bold and exciting. Some scenes are more detailed than others, particularly where machinery is involved. Of the two full splashes inside, the page depicting Captain Action pushing aside Superman is great.
Irv Novick provided the cover for issue #1.


Captain Action #2
"The Battle Begins"
Although Wood completed the first issue on his own, he relinquished pencils to colleague Gil Kane. The results are dynamic pages. Wood's superb inking not only adds detail where needed, but provides the definition and polish that makes this effort exceptional. This issue represents some their best work together. 

Captain Action #3
"..and Evil this way Comes!"
Dr. Evil makes his first appearance. Like the previous issue, Kane and Wood combine their talents for sspectacular pages. The artwork stands out for its powerful layouts and exquisite detailed finishes. Wood's famously meticulous machinery is especially prominent on page 21.

Captain Action #4.

Captain Action #4 
"Evil at Dead Worlds' End"
Dr. Evil now uses all his power to bring Captain Action’s dead wife back to life. For a brief moment, Dr. Evil is reminded of his own humanity and that Captain Action’s wife was actually...his daughter… But that soon dissipates and he sends her to mess with Captain Action’s head. Dr. Evil is upset when his alien allies turn on him. Dr. Evil vows to be back! 

Captain Action #5.

 Captain Action #5
"A Mind Divided"
 In this final issue of the series, more cataclysmic events draw the attention of Captain Action and Action Boy. After an absence in issue #4, Wally Wood returns. The artwork boasts four full page splashes.

Freebie comic with Chic Stone art!

Sadly, I have yet to see this series reprinted.

Love a great Paul Gulacy cover!
Giordano cover!
More recently, Moonstone launched a Captain Action comic book, seven issues, featuring some great Paul (Master of Kung Fu) Gulacy, Dick (Sarge Steel) Giordano, Jerry (Superman) Orway & Ed (Cloak & Dagger) Hannigan covers. There were some talented writers on the series, Steven (Punisher) Grant, Marv (Teen Titans) Wolfman & Fabian (X-Men) Nicieza. 

Mark Texeira cover!
 There are also a couple of Captain Action pulp novels, which have reviewed well, but I haven't read yet. Got one to check it out. 

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