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Charlton Comics' marvelous superhero Captain Atom was created by the prolific writer Joe Gill and legendary artist/co-writer Steve Ditko, first appearing in Space Adventures #33. Captain Atom was created for Charlton Comics, later acquired by DC Comics and revised for their post-Crisis continuity.

In 2011, they relaunched its superhero comics and restarted the histories of some characters from scratch, including Captain Atom, giving him a new origin, appearance and slightly altered powers. He was the inspiration for the character Doctor Manhattan, featured in the miniseries and later, the live-action film adaptation, Watchmen.

Captain Atom #88  The Ravage of Ronthor!
"Ravage of Ronthor"
Captain Atom answers a centuries old SOS from Ronthor, an uninhabited world endangered by giant insects. 
Written by David A. Kaler (Ghostly Tales) with cover & interior art by Steve Ditko (Mr. A) & Frank McLaughlin (Judomaster).
Letters page replies by Dick Giordano (Sarge Steel).
Origin of Nightshade, continued from last issue, written by Kaler with art by Jim Aparo (Thane Of Bagarth). This was concluded in the next issue of Captain Atom, which unfortunately was the last issue of this series.

This issue's Captain Atom story was reprinted in DC Comics The Action Heroes Archive Volume 2. I highly recommend the nice hardcover collection. The coloring is not messed with as it was in the Conan hardcover reprints. 

If you are inclined to see the Watchmen movie, I would highly recommend the Director's Cut. It's fleshed out the movie quite nicely, much better than the movie theater version.

The two last appearances of Captain Atom in Charlton Comics. The first cover is the last issue of the current series I've been featuring on this blog and the second cover is Charlton Bullseye #7 with Captain Atom brought to us by Dan Reed & Benjamin Smith. From there, he showed up in AC Comics prior to ultimately landing at DC Comics. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Couldn't resist showing these interior pages off, from this issue of Captain Atom, especially since we recently lost the Man from U.N.C.L.E. Robert Vaughn. So sad!

Above, I've included two interior advertising pages from Captain Atom #88 and, at least for me, a rarely seen drawing of Captain Atom by Steve Ditko! Still love the older costume!

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