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Sarge Steel was an American veteran of the Vietnam War who became a detective, in the vein of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, after returning to the United States. Years of experience made him a hardboiled private eye of some reputation. He somehow also got involved in "spy cases," and attracted the attention of the CIA, who subsequently employed him to work for their agency. Thus, Steel soon became a "Special Agent," first showing up on the cover of issue #6. The title Secret Agent came later.

Sarge Steel #6 with the revised logo adding Special Agent.
Dick Giordano was my favorite artist on Sarge Steel, so I was glad when he at least inked it. Gave it the original feel of the early issues of Sarge Steel.

Judomaster #94
"File 111 Case of the "Devil's Wife Part II"
Steel and Ambassador Bruyden (called Bluyden) escape from Santana (called Satana) and her men. Chained to Bruyden's wrist is a booby-trapped briefcase containing many important documents, the two men are able to reach Santana's house and contact the FBI. Santana and her army arrive soon afterward. Steel grabs Santana as the FBI chopper appears. Barely avoiding enemy fire, he and Bruyden make it to the chopper with their captive and escape from the island.
Written by Joe Gill (Doomsday+1) with art by Bill Montes (Fightin' 5) & Dick Giordano (Stephanie Starr from Star*Reach).
Previous to Sarge Steel a back-up feature in Judomaster, Judomaster was a back-up in the Sarge Steel comic books. Sarge Steel in Secret Agent #10 came out just before his last back-up story in Judomaster #98. There was a year lag time between the publication of Secret Agent #9 & #10

This issue was reprinted as Judomaster #94 by Modern Comics, publishing only the Judomaster & Sarge Steel stories. Exact reprint of the Charlton issue #94 except for newer ads and different cover copy (Modern Comics logo and 35c cover price).

Feature from Judomaster #94, with art by Giordano & Frank McLaughlin.
Charlton Comics Judomaster comic book featured stories of World War II-era superhero Judomaster, skilled in the martial arts, mainly Judo. The character was acquired by DC Comics when they bought some of the Charlton Action Hero characters.

Stunning Sarge Steel illustration from Giordano, from the Charlton Portfolio.
Great trade paperback on the legendary Dick Giordano. You don't want to miss this terrific book.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Always enjoy seeing the one of the Charlton house ads, from Judomaster #94.
Some more Giordano goodness from Star*Reach #2.

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