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The science fiction adventure began as a mysterious planet appeared on a collision course with the Earth. Star athlete Flash Gordon joined with female sidekick Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov to investigate. They launched themselves toward the planet on Zarko’s rocket ship. 

When they arrived, they were on a fantastic world called Mongo, ruled by the tyrant Ming the Merciless. Although they soon stopped Ming’s plans to conquer the Earth, Flash, Dale, and Zarkov still had countless adventures in Mongo’s many locales.

Flash Gordon #22   A secret radio signal lures Flash into Ming's electronic snare!
"The Prince and the Traitor Part 1"
A communications channel is discovered that cannot be accounted for. Flash, Dale, Zarkov and Barin pursue where they are being sent from.
Written by John Warner with art by Frank Bolle.
"The Prince and the Traitor Part 2"
The traitor is revealed. Meanwhile, Ming springs his trap to ensnare Flash and Barin.
Written by John Warner (Bloodstone, Dark Shadows) with art by Frank Bolle (Undersea Agent, Girl from U.N.C.L.E..)
Published under Gold Key & variant Whitman logos.
John Warner's story in Dark Shadows #20, is an unofficial crossover with Doctor Strange #5. Who knew? There's also a minor crossover with Doctor Strange in Dark Shadows #34 with references to the eye (and orb) of Agamotto, Agamotto himself in his caterpillar guise, and the appearance of an unnamed woman, implied to be Doctor Strange's apprentice Clea, who calls out to an off-panel "Stephen."

Here's the Portugal and Netherlands Junior Press (using a George Wilson paperback cover painting) reprint editions of Flash Gordon #22. Another foreign edition was published with a line drawn cover.

Flash Gordon #22 was reprinted in Dark Horse's magnificent Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 4 hardcover, covering Gold Key Comics' Flash Gordon #19-#27.

Cute Spider-Man Hostess ad from Flash Gordon #22.

Flash Gordon has long been one of the best-loved science-fiction heroes, appearing in novels, film serials, newspaper strips and in comic books published by half a dozen publishers. Strangely, Flash never seems to last long at any given publisher. This title is no exception, beginning its run under the King Features Syndicate label, moving on to Charlton, then to Western Publishing, who published Gordon under their Gold Key and Whitman imprints.

Marvel Presents: Bloodstone #1 & 2 were my favorite John Warner comics. Loved what the character was meant to be. Warner also wrote both Gold Key Comics Dark Shadows #20 & #34, containing unofficial references to Marvel Comics Doctor Strange
Marvel Comics Doctor Strange #5 was an unofficial crossover with Gold Key Comics Dark Shadows #20.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Sampling of various comic books containing legendary Frank Bolle's artwork. Very busy man back in the day.

My favorite Gil Kane Flash Gordon cover. Interior art by Frank Bolle.

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