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United States Air Force Captain Allen Adam was the tragic victim of a freak nuclear accident, but instead of being disintegrated by the deadly atomic radiation, he was transformed into a evolved being of pure energy, to be now known as Captain Atom.

Captain Atom debuted in Charlton Comics’ Space Adventures #33, an early entry into the Silver Age superhero revival. Despite awesome lean and gutsy art by legendary Steve Ditko, Captain Atom could not survive Charlton’s mediocre scripting and so it sank into relative obscurity. The comic book was later revived under the editorship of famed Dick Giordano, who brought back the incomparable Steve Ditko.

Always enjoyed the house adds in the Charlton Comics. Terrific logos!

Captain Atom #81  Back by Popular Demand The Diabolical Master of Moods...Dr. Spectro!
"The Five Faces of Doctor Spectro" 
Doctor Spectro reforms as five miniature menaces. They steal the equipment they need to reform, but are stopped by Captain Atom.
Written by Steve Ditko & Joe Gill with art by Steve Ditko & Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio.
The return and second appearance of Doctor Spectro.
"The Strong Man" 
One page text story.
"What Happened to the U.F.O.?"
Written by Joe Gill with art by Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio.
"Jiu-Jitsu A Way of Life"
Script & art by Frank McLaughlin. 
Two page feature.
Spooky looking Sanho Kim cover. Especially with the red moon!
The one pic I could find shows E-Man in the foreground & Blue Beetle's cool Bug in the background.
Haunting Ditko cover! Love the use of the black background.
Just came across an interesting reference. There are cameos, one panel each, of Blue Beetle, Captain Atom & E-Manin Ghost Manor #21 (and #74, with a creepy Ditko cover) "Death in a Darkroom."  Written by Nicola Cuti with art by Steve Ditko. 

Not so much with this one, but I didn't often care so much for the brightly colored covers and large logos, on the UK comics.
"The Five Faces of Doctor Spectro" was reprinted in DC Comics The Action Hero Archives Volume 1 & Creepy Worlds #164 in the UK. I highly recommend both volumes of the Action Heroes Archives if you haven't checked them out. Wonderful! Only wished they'd gone on to reprint more of the Charlton line. 

Interesting back-up feature from Captain Atom #81.
Cute back-up feature from Captain Atom #81.
I always looked forward to Frank McLaughlin's martial arts features. This one is from Captain Atom #81.

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Comic Book Artist #9 is a wonderful look back at the Charlton Comics Action Heroes!
One of my all-time favorite Ditko illustrations!
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