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How can you deny our favorite Captain Atom's villain was - The Ghost? In Captain Atom #82 we were treated to the first appearance of the super-villain with invisibility and teleportation powers. Originally a brilliant physicist, who designed experimental weapons, he suffered a mental collapse and ultimately turned to a life of crime. The Ghost was created by Steve Ditko.

Later in the Captain Atom series, Nightshade got her own back up series, illustrated by the legendary Jim Aparo!
We are also treated to the first appearance of Nightshade. Her real name is Eve Eden and her father is a U.S. senator. She is blonde, wearing a black wig as part of her disguise as Nightshade. She was romantically involved with Captain Atom for a brief time. Both her and The Ghost appeared in the unpublished Captain Atom #90. Her character was created by Dave Kaler & Steve Ditko. Nightshade also served as the inspiration for the Silk Spectre in Alan Moore's Watchmen

Love this splash page, which certainly could have also served as a great poster!

Captain Atom #82   How Do You Catch A Ghost?
"Captain Atom vs. The Ghost"
The Ghost (Alec Nois) is planning to rob Fort Knox. The Government teams up our atomic fireball, Captain Atom (Captain Allan Adam) with that Darling of Darkness, Nightshade (Eve Eden) to stop him. 
Written by Dave Kaler (Charlton Bullseye magazine) with art by Steve Ditko (Liberty Belle) & Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio (Creepy, Eerie.)
One page text article. 
"Judomaster's Favorite Throws"
Script & art by Frank McLaughlin (Judomaster.)

The second volume brought us more fabulous Action Heroes to enjoy, Blue Beetle and the Question. More Ditko goodness!

The Captain Atom story was the last story reprinted in DC Comics' Action Hero Archives Volume 1. Fortunately we were treated with a second volume reprinting the rest of the comic book run. 

For your viewing pleasure, here's one of the vibrant UK editions reprinting this issue's Captain Atom story.

Alter Ego #106 looks at the career of Dick Giordano, a true legend in our time, through the sixties, from his early years as a freelance artist & editor through the "Action-Hero" era at Charlton Comics and the first time around at DC Comics!

The Charlton Portfolio & pages from the previously unpublished Captain Atom #90, ultimately published in the Action Heroes Archives Volume 2.

John Byrne finished the Ditko artwork for what was to have been Captain Atom #90.
Live Large My Friends! 

Thank You!
The Charlton Action Heroes stopped off at AC Comics before landing at DC Comics.
Amazing Spider-Man #38, my very first comic book purchase, unfortunately the last Steve Ditko issue, the springboard of my fascination for his work at Marvel, Warren & Charlton along with many, many other fine publishers.
Ad for the upcoming letters page, from Captain Atom #82, from editor Dick Giordano.
The "Sumo" text feature, also from Captain Atom #82.

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