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Sarge Steel is a highly-trained, very experienced Special Forces man with cross-training in intelligence – and with previous experience as a private detective. He’s been described as a guerilla ace, and is extensively trained in several martial arts, including fencing and hand-to-hand combat techniques to defend against armed opponents.

Captions describe him as hitting people with “judo chops,” as he was obviously trained in jujitsu (which is quite credible since he probably was stationed in Okinawa before he was sent to Vietnam). He is also trained in judo.
Steel's left fist is made of solid steel and can be used to block bullets. He has been known to position his fist in such a way as to have the bullet ricochet back at the firer or into another opponent.

Smiling Skull was certainly the creepiest of the Judomaster villains. 

I was glad to see Dick Giordano back on Steel, even it it was inking. His style came through large and clear.

Letter from comics scholar and author Billy Schelly

Back cover of Judomaster #93.
Judomaster #93
"File 111 Case of the Devil's Wife"
Sarge Steel is unwittingly duped by Santana Noir, who has blackmailed governments, destroyed a Prime Minister and looted a half dozen private art collections.
Written by Joe Gill (Vengeance Squad) with art by Bill Montes (The Tyro Team) & Dick Giordano (Wild Dog - I understand Wild Dog is going to be in this upcoming season of Arrow! Cool!)
First of a two part story, concluded in the next issue of Judomaster

The Modern Comics were sold bagged in three packs!

Judomaster #93 was later reprinted by Modern Comics, including the Sarge Steel back-up feature. It was an exact reprint of the Charlton issue, except for newer ads, different cover copy (Modern logo, 35 cent price, no issue number on the cover) and no letter's page.

Personally, I wish there'd have been further Action Heroes Archives from DC Comics to include Judomaster and Sarge Steel. After all, they were incorporated into the DC universe. 

Great house ad from this issue of Judomaster.
Nostalgic ad from the Charlton Comics' Judomaster #93.
Comic Book Artist #9, a great magazine featuring the Charlton Action Heroes!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

My favorite Sarge Steel illustration by Dick Giordano.
Giordano really knew how to draw cars & guns.

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