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Flash Gordon, fearless defender of the oppressed, stranded on the planet Mongo, long at grips with the tyrannical Ming the Merciless. 

Dale Arden, Flash's lovely and daring companion, willing to risk her personal safety to help him and Mongo. 

Dr. Zarkov, scientific genius and friend to Flash and Dale, who uses his inventive talents to set Mongo free.

Ming the Merciless, cruel and canny ruler of Mongo, diabolically determined to wipe out Flash, his friends and seeks to enslave the entire planet.  

Flash Gordon #21  The Shark Men a traitor within waits to strike the final blow!
"Wolf in the Fold Part 1" 
Flash reunited with King Barin, who has been suffering a rash of sabotage bombings, suspecting traitors among his own people. 
Written by John Warner with some of the best Frank Bolle art I've come across. 
"Wolf in the Fold Part 2"
Under the cover of explosions, Dale is kidnapped by the Shark Men. Great twist at the end. 
Written by John Warner (Doc Savage, Bloodstone, Son of Satan) with art by Frank Bolle (Solar, Magnus, Vampirella.)

A nice George Wilson cover painting used on this slipcover.

Flash Gordon #21 was reprinted in Dark Horse Comics' Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives Volume 4. Dark Horse also came out with a line of small statues of historic comic characters such as Flash Gordon, The Phantom, The Rocketeer, Hellboy, Grendel, Conan and many more.

I wish I'd payed more attention to this series of figurines. Such a fine assortment of comic book characters from various genres.
Something I'd sure love to come across, a Flash Gordon record album with a stunning Al Williamson cover!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Frank Bolle worked on Doctor Solar #6-#19 (doing Solar) & #29-31 (doing Magnus.)
Bolle worked on Gold Key Comics Buck Rogers #2 & #4.
Nice Vampirella headshot by Frank Bolle, but he only worked on various Warren's Creepy & Eerie magazines.
Bolle illustrating Magnus, from Doctor Solar #29, as a back-up feature when Whitman took over the comic book series.

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