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John C. Productions published the amazing Basically Strange #1, sporting a captivating Den cover by Rich Corben. Stunning, I had to pick it up on that merit alone. Unfortunately, there was only this one issue.

Fantastic writers included Marvin (Madhouse) Channing, Tim (Echo of Future Past) Ryan. T. Casey (Red Circle Sorcery) Brennan, Wally (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) Wood and Bruce (Madhouse) Jones. Alex (Zorro, Space Ghost) Toth, Rick Bryant, Vincente Alcazar, Frank (Red Sonja) Thorne, Wally (Dynamo, Wizard King) Wood, Bruce (Hulk, Twisted Tales) Jones and Gray (Space: 1999, Zatanna) Morrow. Great stories to feed the mind. Impressive.

Love th back cover for Basically Strange #1 by Rich Buckler!

Basically Strange #1
Cover originally appeared as a 1979 Den poster.
Cover date is December 1982 although contents page says November 1982.
Ad for Hall of Fame Featuring the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents comic book. 
Movie Review of Bladerunner, text article with b&w photo illustration from the film.

"The Man Who Tried to Kill Death"
Jacques makes a deal with death to extend his life.
Written by Marvin Channing with Alex Toth artwork.
Reprinted from Red Circle Sorcery #8.

Written by Tim Ryan with some of the best Rick Bryant art I've had the pleasure of experiencing.
Story is a series of full page and double page illustrations in different media.
Book Review of Earth Invader by Randall Garrett.
Review of Randall Garrett's science fiction novel, reissued by Tower/Leisure Science Fiction with the title Earth Invader, originally published 1962 in Analog magazine as "Anything You Can Do..." under the pseudonym Darrel T. Langart.
Movie Review of Swamp Thing
Review of the 1982 movie directed by Wes Craven, based on the DC Comics property. Text article with b&w photo illustration.

"The Benefactor"
Written by T. Casey Brennan with art by Vincente (Eerie, Conan) Alcazar.
Reprinted Red Circle Sorcery #7 & Asylum #3.

Can't say I've seen any Wally Wood art that wasn't great!

"The Ultimate Power"
Written and illustrated by the great Wally (Stalker) Wood. 
Reprinted from Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2.

"Death is my Love's Name"
An artist brings his painting of 'the perfect woman' to life.
Written by Marvin Channing with Frank Thorne art. 
Reprinted from Red Circle Sorcery #10.

"The Creator"
Written and illustrated by Bruce Jones. You know him for his writing, but if you don't know his artwork, you're in for a treat!.

Portfolio pages featuring fantasy art by Pepe Moreno, Matthew Staples and Bob Morello with short biographies of the artists.

"Black Hood"
Half page introduction to Red Circle's Black Hood with Gray Morrow art!
Included are ads for The Justice Machine (John Byrne, Mike Gustovich Rich Buckler & Bill Reinhold artists) and the Red Circle Comics superhero lineup (Rich Buckler art.) 

Great series in its time, especially with the treasure trove of writers & artists!

This was some terrific talent involved here. Sure, there were some reprints, but the black & white format suited this to a "T." I highly recommend searching this one down.

Rich Corben's iconic hero!

What I know Alex Toth best for -- Space Ghost!
Terrific three issue series with art by John Bolton, P. Craig Russell, Mark Buckingham & Howard Chaykin!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Always liked a superhero without a super power!

One of my favorite Wally Wood tales -- The Wizard King!

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