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The First Men To Land On The Moon Discover Someone Has Been There Before Them!

Panel from the Classics Illustrated comic!
H.G. Wells novel, The First Men in the Moon, tells the story of a journey to the moon undertaken by the two protagonists, a businessman narrator, Mr. Bedford and an eccentric scientist, Mr. Cavor. Bedford and Cavor discover the moon is inhabited by a sophisticated extraterrestrial civilization of insect-like creatures they call "Selenites," part of a complex and technologically sophisticated society that live underground named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene.

Another panel from the Classics Illustrated comic!
 Classics Illustrated #144  First Men in the Moon adapted the H. G. Wells novel of the same name, artist George Woodbridge shows a less than impressive effort. At an ample forty-five pages, the publisher's strict panel grid almost always ensures monotonous layouts. Al (Flash Gordon) Williamson, along with Angelo (Blazing Combat) Torres and Roy (Witzend) Krenkel, lend their colleague a hand, contributing at least partial inks. One source specifies their involvement only on some of the backgrounds and pages 15, 17 and others seem to reinforce this. The lunar aliens also appear to be of Williamson's design, given their similarity to earlier works. In general, the artwork is far from the capabilities of all artists.

Panel from the Gold Key Comics adaptation!

The Gold Key Comics First Men in the Moon adapted the 1964 film, based on the novel "The First Men in the Moon" by H. G. Wells. The comic book was written by Dick (Jet Dream, Star Trek) Wood with Fred (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) Fredericks artwork and a terrific photo cover.

Another painted cover used for the Classics Illustrated comic book!
Classics Illustrated #52 & #144  First Men in the Moon
"First Men in the Moon"
The bulk of the art is by Woodbridge, with the others contributing much to the creatures and landscapes on the moon.
"H.G. Wells"
Text article bio of the author.
"The Mysterious Moon"
"Celestial Streaks"

Loved those Gold Key Comics pin-ups!

Gold Key Comics First Men in the Moon 
"First Men in the Moon"
Great movie adaptation written by Dick Wood with terrific Fred Fredericks art.  
"Drive to the Moon" 
Fred Fredericks artwork 

Fantastic movie poster back cover.

Marvel Classics Comics #31 The First Men in the Moon
Unfortunately, the cover incorrectly attributes the novel to Jules Verne.
This is actually an adaptation of the novel The First Men In The Moon by H.G. Wells.
Awesome cover by Alan Weiss.
"About the Author"
This page contains the indicia and credits for this issue along with a brief article on H.G. Wells.
"The First Men in the Moon"
Adapted by Don (Sabre, Black Panther) McGregor with art by Rudy (Tarzan) Mesina.
Includes an illustration of H.G. (Herbert George) Wells.  

Always excited to come across the tie-in editions!

Here's a picture of the Ballantine Books movie edition paperback of The First Men in the Moon I still own.

Fantastic novel. Terrific motion picture. Awesome comic books. Be sure to try them out, let yourself get inspired, dream big. Most of all, enjoy!

Original movie posters!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
On the "Lighter Side!"

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