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In the Warren Publications timeline, somewhere between Jim Starlin's Adam Warlock and Vanth Dreadstar for Marvel Comics, stood Darklon the Mystic!

After his incredible Warlock epic at Marvel, Jim Starlin produced several stories for the pages of Warren Publications' Eerie magazine, beginning with issue #76, Jim Starlin's Darklon the Mystic appeared in only five issues (not counting a reprint of "...The Price" in #137) #76, #79, #80, #84, & #100. Making enough of an impression, they were collected and reprinted, in color this time, by Pacific Comics a few years later., probably due in part to many of the themes and situations being revamped and reused in Starlin's early works for Epic Comics, namely Metamorphosis Odyssey & Dreadstar.

Eerie #76
"Beware Darklon, the Mystic"
A tall stranger, wearing a cape and an eye patch, notices Koph-Fan seems to be suffering from a great amount of fear and asks the weary Alphan to tell him what's the cause of his trepidation. 

Eerie #79
"...the Price"
Plagued by assassins allegedly hired by his father, Darklon is compelled to return to Nebularia. Despite the fact that it has been many years since he has seen the floating city of Nebulor, the sight of it rekindles painful memories. He reflects on the mutual hatred between his father and himself after his mother died. He also recalls how Blacklore became a substitute son for the Kavar until Blacklore plotted the overthrow of Darkhold. Darkhold (Darklon's father) how he fled to make a deal with the Nameless One to acquired the power he needed to defeat his enemies.

A nice Ken Kelly piece!

Eerie #80
Darklon's origin story Chapter Two of two parts. . 
The Nameless One ordered his minions to continue initiating Darklon through what the former called a "black baptism and rebirth.

Always fantastic to have a Frank Frazetta coveer!

Eerie #84 
"He Who Waits In Shadow"
Darklon the Mystic enters an apartment, looking for Jim Starlin. He asked about how the creator was going to get him out of the situation the  involved him with his father. 

Eerie #100

Darklon grand finale as he and his father battle across the psionic realm.

Darklon also appeared in the Warren timeline, in Eerie #121 & 130, although not presented by Jim Starlin. 

My first exposure to Darklon the Mystic!
Pacific Comics collected the Jim Starlin stories in Darklon the Mystic #1.
Text poem about Darklon.
Ads for Captain Victory Special, Silver Star #6; Vanguard Illustrated #1, Groo the Wanderer #5, Ravens and Rainbows (a terrific Jeff Jones comic book), Bold Adventure presents Time Force #1.

Darklon was Starlin at his wildest. The stories were like fever dreams (inspired by the trials and tribulations Starlin was suffering through at the time, including his father dealing with cancer) filled with self-loathing and despair.
Eerie #130 Throwing Darklon into the mix of the Warren timeline!

The art was fantastic, with great savage, graphic, brooding layouts and, as always with Jim Starlin, quite thought provoking material.

Jim Starlin artbook you do not want to miss! It's huge! Wonderful!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

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