Wednesday, July 1, 2015


My God We've Hit One! 

Imagine another example of the incredible art of Gene Day? You remember him from Star Wars and Master of Kung Fu, but have you seen his independent material? You'd be well to check it out.

Terrific book about this famous line of magazines and comic books!

This one's great, although it's not the most original, it is well-written, and, of course, well illustrated by a master of the medium.  The story was published in Star*Reach's Imagine comic book.

Imagine #2
"Days of Future Past"!
A crash landing in a prehistoric land.

All that and a P. Craig Russell cover and story! What more can you ask for? A second Gene Day comic, Speed, Mike Vosberg, Michael T. Gilbert and Trina Robbins. 

"Nuff said!

You can also fine the P. Craig Russell material reprinting in this issue as well!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
Gene Day does a T-Rex quite nicely!
A piece by P. Craig Russell is always a thing of beauty!

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