Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Underground publisher Last Gasp printed Spasm, an Adults Only comic book featuring Jeff (Wonder Woman, Flash Gordon) Jones in all his glory, with a color cover and black and white interior.

Spirit of '76 was reprinted in Pacific Comics Ravens & Rainbows #1!
The illustration from Smasm #1 used for the cover of Pacific Comics Ravens & Rainbows.

Spasm #1
You found a nut! What a coincidence.

"Spirit of '76"
I remember. remembering.
Reprinted in Ravens and Rainbows #1.
"Saved" She knew no one would ever come.
"The Enemy"
The cold was her old enemy.
"Luce"Come fly with me.
"Deja Vu"
He felt he'd been here before.
"The Bridge"She had never in her life crossed it.

"Guarantee"I guarantee it!

I'm always here, now.
Illustration on the inside of the back cover.
Pin-up image on back cover.

Truly a work of beauty! There are also several collections of Jeff's artwork, including paintings, illustrations and sketches, well worth looking into. Last Gasp printed approximately 20,000 copies of Spasm. Unfortunately, it has not been reprinted. 

Tarzan illustration by Jeff Jones!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Some of my favorite paperback covers by Jeff Jones!

Jeff Jones did all three covers from this series! Nice!
Jeff Jones did many more paperback covers than I realized.


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