Monday, July 27, 2015


Pacific Comics brought us a high quality, anthology comic book devoted to fantasy, Pathways to Fantasy! From its striking Barry Windsor-Smith cover to the incredible artwork inside. Remember, Barry Windsor-Smith and Jeff Jones made up half of The Studio!

Fantastic book I cherish in my collection.

Pathways was scheduled to have subsequent issues, but the title was cancelled afte the first issue. It's incomprehensible to think a new Frank Brunner story for Pathways to Fantasy #2 never ever saw print

Most favorite Bruce Jones work in my book. Love it!

Talents gracing the pages of the comic include Bruce (Twisted Tales, Alien Worlds) Jones, Barry (Conan the Barbarian, Wolverine) Windsor-Smith, John (Marada the She-Wolf) Bolton, Jeff (Ravens & Rainbows) Jones  & Scott (Batman) Hampton.


Pathways to Fantasy #1
Written by Bruce Jones with Barry (The Studio) Windsor-Smith art.
"Goblin Market"
Christina Rossetti classic poem adapted and painted by John Bolton.
Reprinted in Strange Wink #1.
"A Night to Remember"
Written and illustrated by Jeff (The Studio) Jones.
Written by April (Somerset Holmes, also, the model for that character) Campbell with art by Leila Dowling.
"Oh What a Lovely Estate We Have Here"
Written by Bruce Jones with Scott Hampton art.

You don't want to overlook this comic book. It's a marvelous treasure.

Here's "Goblin Market."

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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