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Red Circle Comics (Archie Comics) took a swing into Warren's Creepy territory. But then again, how can you go wrong when you have Gray Morrow illustrating the covers? And stories! For the short time they published supernatural comics, they did a great job, with great talent to back it up.

Chilling Adventures of Sorcery #3
"The Cat"
A professional cat burglar eyes a large collection of jewels from a rich madman who has total control over his niece.
"A Stab in the Dark"
Uncredited text story.
"Missing Link"  
Looking to find the missing link between the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons, Dr. Burris creates a time machine and journeys back in time. He becomes stranded in the past and eventually befriends a group of Neanderthals.

"Immortality Factor"
A man comes to believe that his institutionalized sister did not die of a heart attack as her doctor reported.

"Haunted Gallery"
A lawyer with his eyes on an old man's money, niece, and museum kills the old man, only to have the paintings in the museum haunt him for his crime.
All stories above written & illustrated by Gray Morrow.
"Essays into the Supernatural"
A short featurette on familiars.
Written by Phil Seuling with Gray Morrow artwork.

Chilling Adventures of Sorcery #4
A man who fails to commit suicide is given a mission to kill an evil dictator, knowing the dictator's guards will surely kill him.
Written & drawn by Vicente Alcazar
Uncredited text story.
"Horripilate Host"
A nasty, aging actor who is a vampire host on a Creeper Feature show is tricked into reciting a spell on live TV.
Written by Don Glut with Dick Giordano art. 
"Golden Touch" 
A man acquires Midas' Golden Touch.
Written & drawn by Gray Morrow.
"A Thousand Pounds of Clay"
An artist creates a clay Golem to destroy his enemies, starting with his girlfriend and his best friend, who are having an affair.
Don Glut script with Vicente Alcazar art. 
A short featurette on witches by Gray Morrow.  


Chilling Adventures in Sorcery #5
"Two Thieves of Bagdad"
When a thief finds a mystic amulet and becomes gigantic, he terrorizes Baghdad as a "djinn". The Caliph then orders his court magician and a street thief to stop the djinn.
Written by Gray Morrow & Larry Hama with Vicente Alcazar art.
When a young artist is injured in an car accident, her glasses are lost. Recovering in the hospital, her glasses are returned to her, but everyone she sees has become monstrous looking.
Written & drawn by Vicente (Serrano) Alcazar.
"Barometer Falling..."
Two warriors discover a hidden chamber with a genetically altered spiderwoman in it.
Written and illustrated by Gray Morrow.
A featurette on dragons by Phil Seuling & Gray Morrow.
A favorite Gray Morrow cover of mine!

This series was continued in Red Circle Sorcery with more gems from Gray Morrow. More on those issues tomorrow. Great stuff!

Great little digest with superheroes & supernatural!

Some of these stories have been reprinted Archie's Super Hero Special #1 and the more recent Afterlife with Archie.Magazine I stumbled onto at Barnes & Noble! You'll want to be sure and not miss out on these comics as well.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Vicente Alcazar on art on Marvel Comics Satana!
Gray Morrow on DC Comics Zatanna!

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