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Mighty Comics Group published a title appropriately titled Mighty Comics (Presents featuring a rotating cast of super heroes. The covers with dynamic! The memorable stories were written by Jerry (Superman) Siegel with great art by Paul (X-Men) Reinman and inks by Frank (Captain America) Giacia, Joe (Green Lantern) Giella, Bob White & Victor Gorelick.

Some Paul Reinman art on the Tarzan comic strip!
Love the ads for other and upcoming comics!
Mighty Comics #40 
Features two The Web stories.
The Web (created by John Cassone) and Ironfist are fighting when Ironfist's computerized suit goes haywire. John returns home and Rosie leaves him because he can't stop being the Web. To ensure he cannot become the Web again, Rosie leaks his dual identity to the newspapers, as well as tv and radio stations but no one believes her. No one except Ironfist, who comes to seek revenge on the Web by attacking Rosie.
The Web tries to stop Uglyman from doing harm to Brett Winslow and sabotaging the Fab Film. Corporation's studios. 
Written by Jerry Siegel with art by Paul Reinman & Frank Giacoia.

Mighty Comics #41
Features two The Shield (one with the Black Hood) stories.
Written by Jerry Seigel with Paul Reinman art.

Mighty Comics #42
Features the Black Hood.
The Black Hood (Matthew Burland) does battle with a former foe who has gained a powerful motorcycle and ghostly powers from an alien source.
The Black Hood (created by Cliff Campbell and Al "Camy" Camerata) recites his pledge and lives up to his promises.
The Karate Master attacks the Black Hood during a charity benefit, then kidnaps him in order to fight him in a boxing ring surrounded by criminals. 
Written by Jerry Siegel with art by Paul Reinman.

Mighty Comics #43
Features The Shield, the Black Hood & The Web.
The Shield (created by Irv Novick and Harry Shorten) battles a time traveler from the future who can control the weather.
When Kip Burland (Black Hood)  is framed for his partner's murder and a bank robbery, he conceals his face under a black hood in order to find the man that framed him.
The Web (John Raymond) continues fighting crooks, much to Rosie's dismay. But when Mr. Scare challenges the Web to a battle, Rosie follows her husband dressed as a superhero herself, calling herself Pow Girl.
Written by Jerry Siegel with art by Paul Reinman & Frank Giacoia.  
Mighty Comics #44
Features the Black Hood, the Shield & Steel Sterling.
A crook dressed like the Black Hood succeeds in besmirching the hero's name in a series of successful robberies. But when the Black Hood battles the thug, the doppleganger falls into a deep pit. There, he discovers a machine that will grant his fondest wish. With that, the crook becomes the Mad Gadgeteer with one thing on his mind -- revenge against the Black Hood.
On his way to a job interview, the Shield is stopped by the Alligator and Dragonfly, two operatives of P.E.R.I.L.. The Shield is mistakenly referred to as Joe Higgins instead of Bill Higgins in this story. 
Steel Sterling tries to protect the Awesome Bravo from a trio of deadly foes. But who is the hunter and who is the hunted?
Written by Jerry Siegel with Paul Reinman & Joe Giella art. 

Mighty Comics #45
Features the Shield, the Web & The Hangman.
P.E.R.I.L. sends out the Blender and The Vibrateer to recruit the Shield to their organization. If he refuses, then the Red Shadow will destroy him 
Dressed as the Web, John tells his wife and mother-in-law how he became the Web, in hopes of convincing them of the need for his war on crime.
The Hangman (now a heroic character) battles a paid assassin who is also a master of disguise.
Written by Jerry Siegel with art by Paul Reinman & Joe Giella.  

 Mighty Comics #46
Features Steel Sterling, the Black Hood & the Web.
When the Magnetic Menace steals from the Gargoyle Gang, Steel Sterling (created by Abner Sundell and Charles Biro) stops the hi-tech hijacker. Vowing revenge, the Magnetic Menace goes after Steel Sterling as the Gargoyle Gang goes after both of them.
The Black Hood battles the Skull, but their first battle ends in a draw.
When the Flipper makes a fool out of the Web, Rosie encourages her husband to take out the acrobatic crook once and for all. The last panel of this story previews the Mr. Justice story in the next issue.
Written by Jerry Siegel with Paul Reinman, Bob White & Victor Gorelick art. 


Mighty Comics #47
Features the Black Hood & Mr. Justice (created by Joe Blair and Sam Cooper.)
After another defeat by the Black Hood, The Skull offers 1 million dollars to anyone who devise a way to kill the hero. The Abominable Schemer then gives the Skull his plan to kill the Black Hood - in his sleep.
Mr. Justice (Professor Paul Morse) saves the city a huge meteorite that threatens to destroy it. But out of the meteor comes a being made of pure force and intent on destroying the city.
Written by Jerry Siegel with art by Paul Reinman & Victor Gorelick. 

Mighty Comics #48
Features the Shield & The Hangman (created by Cliff Campbell and George Storm.)
The Shield vs the Wizard.
Written by Jerry Siegel with Paul Reinman & Victor Gorelick art. 

Mighty Comics #49
Features Steel Sterling & The Fox (created by Joe Blair and Irwin Hasen.)
As the Black Hood and Steel Sterling team up, a time traveling Dr. Evil frees Steel's old foe the Monster Master. Then the two evil masterminds join forces in order to destroy the hero.
While the Fox (Paul Patton)  is watching his favorite go-go dancer, Delilah, the Gasser and his gang attack the nightclub and kidnap her.
Written by Jerry Siegel with art by Paul Reinman. 

Mighty Comics #50
Features the Black Hood & The Web.
The Black Hood comes close to nabbing Bulgy Eyes -- Pete Hannigan's killer-- when the villain takes the place of another crook, "Schemer" Bashby.
Irritated than John Raymond continues fighting crime as the Web, Rosie resumes her career and goes to work Tom Alexander, a museum curator. But Inferno sets art pieces on fire at the museum as the Web investigates. Then the real Inferno shows up and Tom reveals his true colors.
Written by Jerry Siegel with Paul Reinman art.

All in all, this was a terrific series showcasing many of the Mighty Comics Group Super Heroes. Fun stuff!

Great Irv Novik (co-creator of the Shield) illustration!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!     

There was even a game featuring the Mighty Comics Super Heroes!


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