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Mighty Comics Group (Archie Comics) published a great one shot comic book, Super Heroes versus Super Villains #1, featuring Fly Man, the Comet, Black Hood, the Shield & The Web. The fantastic comic was written by incomparable Jerry (The Owl) Siegel with artistic greats Paul (The Shadow) Reinman, Frank (Sherlock Holmes) Giacoia  & Mike (Dynamo) Sekowsky.

Panel from "The Creature from the Abyss"

Super Heroes versus Super Villains #1
"The Creature from the Abyss"
The Terrible Titan ascends from Subterrania and plans on conquering the surface world using radiation poisoning. Only Fly-Man and the Black Hood can hope to stop him.
Reprinted from Fly Man #34
"The Fly Man's Partners in Peril"
The Spider escapes from prison and vows revenge on Fly-Man. He traps Fly-Man in a gigantic, electrified claw but is then saved by the Comet
Reprinted from Adventures of the Fly #31
"Battle of the Super Heroes"
The Spider lures Fly-Man into 2 more death traps, but he escapes the first with the Shield's help, and the second with the Black Hood's aid. Finally he brings all the heroes together to form the Mighty Crusaders, with the idea of eliminating them all at once. But Fly-Man chases the others away just as his powers fade and the Spider pulls a gun on him.
Reprinted from Adventures of the Fly #31
"The Wicked Web of the Wily Spider"
Just as the Spider appears triumphant, Fly-Man defeats him and the other heroes return. Fly-Man had faked his power loss and the others faked being mad at him in order to draw the Spider out. But the heroes ponder whether they should form the Mighty Crusaders for real.
Reprinted from Adventures of the Fly #31.
"The Mad Caper of the Madman"
While John Raymond is trying to justify a need for the Web to his wife and mother-in-law, the Madman breaks into the Raymond household. Before John can act, the two women take down the intruder.
Reprinted from Fly Man #38.
"Evilo, the Tempter"
As the Shield thwarts a robbery at a museum, the robbers accidently wake up a mummified evil sorcerer named Evilo the Tempter. The Shield then teams up with the Comet to defeat the powerful wizard.
Reprinted from Fly Man #34.  

Page from "The Mad Caper of the Madman"
Two pages from "Evilo, the Tempter"

The Mighty Comics Group comics were so much fun and synonymous with the Silver Age of comics. They were as much a part of my comic collecting back then as Marvel and DC comics were. There were plenty super heroes to choose from back then, with Charlton, Tower, Gold Key, Dell & Harvey (just to name a few) in the game as well.   

Mighty Crusaders trade paperback reprints Fly Man #31. New cover by Joe Staton & Bob Smith.

Great illo of the Super heroes by Rudy Nebres.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
The Owl written by Jerry Siegel. Art by Tom Gill.
Paul Reinman did covers for all The Shadow issues.
Dynamo stories by Mike Sekowsky in issues #1 & #2.
Reprints Sherlock Holmes comic strips by Frank Giacoia.


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  1. Somehow someone needs to travel back in time and have Gold Key's Owl and Tiger Girl team up with the Mighty Crusaders.