Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I enjoyed the Atlas line of comics from Stan Lee's brother, Larry Lieber. They provided a great variety of comic books and also got into the magazines as well. There was a lot of terrific talent involved with the production of these comics.

The year is 2001 A.D. A time when life as we know it has become hideously transformed. A rigid totalitarian regime holds the people in an iron grip, and mankind's greatest truths have been declared "inoperative". Professor Kroschell, the "mad botanical professor" has been conducting illegal botanical experimentation when he is gunned down by the jack-booted police. They confiscate a gigantic pod that holds a male human within its leaves. Outwardly appearing human yet structurally a plant, we are introduced to Morlock ! When transformed into his plant-like form his mind is clouded with the bestial preoccupation for finding food.

Only to later find out that the mad scientist was planning to develop an army of Plant Men to overthrow the dictatorship, Morlock continues his fight against oppression in 2001. Beware the touch of Morlock ! He'll turn everyone into fungus creatures.

Morlock 2001 and the Midnight Men #3
"Then Came the Midnight Man"
The saving grace is issue #3, the only one to be written by Gary (Ghost Rider) Friedrich, drawn by Steve (The Creeper) Ditko and inked by Berni (Swamp Thing) Wrightson was clearly one of the best issues in the entire Atlas comic book run. Nice Rich (Demon Hunter) Buckler cover.

One of my favorite Atlas Comics, from Rich Buckler!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Unusual to me, to see Ditko doing a western!
A terrific variety in this line-up!

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  1. Atlas Comics...gotta love 'em. Still looking a few to complete my Atlas collection.