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In the sixties Marvel Comics branched out to the, what today is referred to, mass market paperback market! Five of the top Marvel Comics were featured, with the Fantastic Four even getting two volumes. At fifty cents, they were a cheap way to read already classic comic books.

Lancer came out with the Frazetta Conan covers around the same time as the Marvel Comics.
Pages were black and white. Panels were arranged (full-size or larger) generally one to three panels per page throughout the book and reformatted to fit the paperback format, explaining the large page count. There were some panels edited away too, mainly due to the sub plots running in the comics.

The Fantastic Four Collector's Album 72-111 back cover!

The Fantastic Four Collector's Album 72-111
Earth-Shaking Script by Stan Lee with Breath-Taking Illustration by Jack Kirby. Inks by Dick Ayers, Chic Stone & Joe Sinnott.
Villains included Doctor Doom, Sub-Mariner, Impossible Man & the Mole Man.
Pin-Ups of The Fantastic Four!
Gallery of The Fantastic Four's Most Famous Foes!
Reprints Fantastic Four #1, #6, #11, #31 & FF Annual #2.

The Amazing Spider-Man Collector's Album 72-112
Written by Stan Lee, Master of the Spoken Word with illustration by Steve Ditko, Dean of Dramatic Drawing.
Daredevil appearance, in his yellow costume. 
Villains included the Ringmaster, The Burglar & Mysterio.
Pin-Up of The Burglar.
The Secrets of Spider-Man feature. 
Guest Stars Pin-Up Page, with The Incredible Hulk & The Fantastic Four
Spider-Man Pin-Up.
Some panels have been edited out of the stories.
Reprints Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #13, #16 & ASM Annual #1,

The Incredible Hulk Collector's Album 72-124
Written by Incredible Stan Lee with art by Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko. Inks by George (George Bell) Roussos, Dick Ayers & Chic Stone. 

Villains include The Ringmaster, The Chameleon & The Leader.
Marvel Masterwork Incredible Hulk Pin-Up.
Reprints Tales to Astonish #60, #61, #62, #63 & 67 & The Incredible Hulk #3 & #6.

The Mighty Thor Collector's Album 72-125
Earth-Shaking Script by Stan Lee with Breath-Taking Illustration by Jack Kirby. Inks by Don Heck, Chic Stone, George Roussos & Frank Giacoia. 
Villains include The Lava Man, Loki & The Absorbing Man (Crusher Creed.) 
Tales of Asgard Story.  
A Thor Bonus Feature Pin-Up of a "typical Asgard street scene", majestic with monuments & temples.
Marvel Masterwork The Mighty Thor Pin-Up

The Fantastic Four Return Collector's Album 72-169
Earth-Shaking Script by Stan Lee with Breath-Taking Illustration by Jack Kirby. Inks by Chic Stone.
Marvel Masterwork Prince Namor Pin-Up.
Sub-Mariner guest stars.
Villains include Doctor Doom, Attuma, Diablo & Dragon Man.
Reprints Fantastic Four #33, #35 & FF Annual #2.

Here Comes...Daredevil Collector's Album 72-170
Sensational Script by Stan Lee with art by Bill Everett, John Romita (back when he was auditioning for Spider-Man) & Gene Colan. Inks by Frank Giacoia, Steve Ditko, Sol Brodsky, Dick Ayers; Bill Everett.
Appearance by Spider-Man. 
Villains include The Masked Marauder & The Owl. 
Reprints Daredevil #1, #17, #20, #21.
Don't Live in a Cultured Wasteland! The paperbacks also ran an ad for the Marvel Comics titles, with all of those cool logos.

It was a cool time to be reading comic books. But later, came the color paperbacks.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

The infamous mini-comics - I wish I still had.
The Amazing Spider-Man mini-comic story.

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