Thursday, July 2, 2015


Star*Reach's Imagine series published numerous great stories from some of comic books fantastic creators. Words don't do it justice, it's so good. I mean, how can you pass by that Steve Ditko cover?

Classic first issue of Cerebus!

Another Steranko trubute!

In issue #4, Dave Sim, of Cerebus fame, gave us his Jim Steranko tribute and what a fine tribute it was.

Imagine #4
There was one more Cosmix to produce.

As if this weren't enough, other creators included Michael T. (Mr. Monster) Gilbert and Steve (Mr. A.) Ditko with writer Paul (Legion of Super Heroes) Levitz.

"Cosmix" reprinted in Star*Rreach Classics #1!
The Steve Ditko story was reprinted in Star*Reach Classics #4 with a terrific Howard Chaykin Gideon Faust cover!

Great time to be a comic book fan!

My first exposure to Cerebus! Great stuff!

Nice Barry Windsor-Smith cover!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Memorable Star*Reach Trade Paperback!
Buyer beware of counterfeit copies!

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