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Frank Miller's powerful Ronin comic book series takes place in a dystopic near-future New York in which a Ronin is reincarnated. All issues with partial wraparound cover. There are many full and two page splash pages in the series and even a fold out four page spread!

Beautiful poster done for the series!

In this tale, the legendary warrior known only as the Ronin, a disgraced 13th century samurai, is given a second chance to avenge his master's death and regain his honor. Reborn in a futuristic and corrupt 21st century New York City, the Ronin must defeat the reincarnation of his master's killer, the ancient demon Agat.

"Ronin is a very important book because it’s the first thing I did independent of any editorial supervision. It was a real breakthrough for me." Frank Miller told the WSJ in a recent interview.

After immersing himself in the world of samurai, ninja, and martial arts for his Wolverine and Daredevil work, it seemed Frank Miller had samurai on the brain. And that informed his first major project for DC, which explored a very different sort of wandering samurai hero. In this case, a ronin kills himself and his nemesis, the demonic Agat, in feudal Japan, only for both to be reborn in a dystopian, 21st Century New York City.

Loved these covers, Got Frank Miller's autograph on this comic!

Ronin is perhaps a bit rougher around the edges than much of Miller's later creator-owned work. But it's a clearly bold, imaginative story. Miller's art shows a clear influence from Lone Wolf & Cub, of which he did the first dozen covers for the First Comics series, with its bold figures and woodcut-esque texture. The series also marked the first collaboration between Miller and colorist and future wife, Lynn Varley.

Foreign edition of Ronin #1.

Ronin #1 
When Lord Ozaki is killed, a young samurai becomes ronin to protect the Lord's magic sword. Ronin and the demon Agat battle thru time to a post-apocalyptic New York.

Ronin #2
The Ronin, in the body of Billy, awakes in the city where he searches for his sword.

Ronin #3
Ronin ends up in the middle of a gang war while Casey McKenna leads an Aquarius search team to locate him.

Ronin #4
Ronin rescues Casey from cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers while Peter McKenna discovers the truth behind Taggart's sudden personality changes.

Ronin #5
Ronin and Casey are attacked by Virgo's new robot war machines.

Ronin #6
Casey and Billy have their final showdown with Virgo.
Enjoyed Ronin so much I have both trades.

Frank Miller's Ronin series has been reprinted in trade paperback and most recently, an Absolute Edition.
The breathtaking Absolute Edition includes rarely seen promotional art, fold-out pages and more special features.

Have yet to pick this one up, will do so soon though!

Be sure to pick this one up, it's a treat for the mind and the eye! 

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