Monday, June 22, 2015


Here's a little treat by the late, great Gene Day, published in Star*Reach's Imagine #2. Perhaps Harlan Ellison inspired? Not something you'll come across, since it unfortunately has not been reprinted. I'd love to see that, since he did a lot of short stories like this for a few independent publishers.  

This issue featured a gorgeous P. Craig (Killraven) Russell cover also used on the back cover with no text. Other artists featured were Trina (Legend of Wonder Woman) Robbins, Michael T. (Mr. Monster) Gilbert and Mike (Linda Loveless) Vosberg.

Well, do you feel the need for..."Speed"?

Funny panel from Marvel Two-in-One #62, script by Mark (The Avengers) Gruenwald, pencils by Jerry (Batman) Bingham, inks by Gene Day

Gene Day did a couple of stories in Gasm #1, #2 & #3! Great magazine I rarely see!

Only issue of Heavy Metal Gene Day worked on!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Gene Day did Bran Mak Morn in a few issues of Savage Sword of Conan! Bob Larkin cover.

An obscure magazine. Space Wars, published some Gene Day gems in at least two issues!

Another independent printing Gene Day stories!

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