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DC Comics Detective Comics #483 through #485 featured Steve Ditko illustrating a Demon story, written by Len (Human Target) Wein.

Along the way, we can enjoy great Michael (G.I. Joe, The Nam) Golden, Don (Batman, Phantom) Newton, Jim (Silver Surfer, Warlock) Starlin, P. Craig (Killraven) Russell & Dick (Star*Reach) Giordano artwork. '

Detective Comics #482
"The Eternity Book"
The Demon faces Baron Tyme.

Michael Golden layed the groundwork in the first episode of this story arc, inked by Dick Giordano. 
This issue features Batman illustrated by Jim Starlin & P. Craig Russell, Don (The Avengers) Heck on Batgirl as well as a Bat-Mite story drawn by Michael Golden. 

Howard Chaykin on Human Target!
Detective Comics #483
"Return to Castle Branek"
Baron Tyme (we last saw him in Ditko's Man-Bat #1) holds the Eternity Book and forces the Demon (Etrigan, alias Jason Blood) to lead him to Merlin's tomb. He opens it and finds it empty.
In this issue we have Batman drawn by Don Newton, Howard (Cody Starbuck) Chaykin on Human Target 

Detective Comics #484
"Tyme Has No Secrets"
The Baron's and the Demon's battle over Merlin's tomb is interrupted by Stavik and the locals. The Baron flees while the Demon recovers the Eternity Book.
Don Newton again illustrates Batman, Dick Giordano on Human Target & a Batman villains pin-up drawn by Jim (Prankster) Aparo.  

Bronze Tiger appearance!

Detective Comics #485
"The Fatal Finale"
Baron Tyme tries to siphon energy from the Demon Etrigan, but Jason Blood's friends and a magic mirror put an end to Baron Tyme. Meanwhile Abner Beckermann has discarded the Eternity Book and it is found by a janitor. 
Includes a Man Bat story & Batman/Batwoman story illustrated by the great Don Newton with Don Heck drawing a Batgirl story and wriapping up with a Dick Giordano Batgirl/Robin pin-up.
The Bronze Tiger, from the Richard Dragon series, appears in the Batman story.  

Thankfully, The Demon stories have been reprinted in The Steve Ditko Omnibus #2. Can't say enough good things about this lavish hardcover edition.

Great Steve Ditko art on an ad for ManBat!
Don Newton on the Batman!
Some great Ditko art!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Great Statlin/Russell splash page!
Michael Golden heralds in Baron Tyme!


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