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Saw a post on Facebook that reminded me on this. For Atlas Comics, Steve Ditko drew issues #2 & #3 of Tiger-Man, making the hero come alive from the earlier episodes.

After injecting himself with an experimental serum derived from tiger chromosomes, Dr. Lancaster Hill, a young doctor working in a clinic in Zambia acquires the strength, speed and keen senses of a tiger. After his sister is murdered, as Tiger-Man, Dr. Hill uses his enhanced abilities to track down and exact vengeance on her killers. Feeling unfulfilled after dispatching the murderers, he resolves to hunt down all criminals who prey on others.

I first came across Tiger-Man in Thrilling Adventure Stories #1 magazine from Atlas Comics. The pilot story was written by John Albano with Ernie Colon art, it dealt with a more adult theme, white slavery. When a young girl plunges to her death, Tiger-Man tracks down those who traffic in ranaways and extracts bloody revenge. Also interesting in that magazine were articles on Alistair MacLean movies & the Doc Savage movie. The second and last issue of the magazine sported a fantastic Neal Adams cover.

Then came the first comic book issue of Tiger-Man, written by Gabriel Levy with cover & art by Ernie Colon.

Tiger-Man #2  He Stalks the Night!
 "Stalker in a Concrete Jungle"
Stalking the streets of New York, Tiger-Man encounters a trio of high-tech crooks. After the crooks lay waste to the police, he springs into action. After rendering the first two thugs unconscious, he interrogates the third and discovers who supplied them with the high-tech suits of armor, a Professor Anderson Hobart.
As Tiger-Man leaves the crime scene, he is not alone. He is suddenly attacked. The Blue Leopard appears to have all the strength and agility that Tiger-Man has.

Written by Gerry Conway with art by Steve Ditko, inked by Frank Giacoia.
Cover by Frank Thorne.

Tiger-Man #3
"Hell is Spelled...Hypnos"
On his way to his shift at Harlem Hospital, Dr. Lancaster Hill, wearing the costume of Tiger-Man, witnesses an incredible sight. A man pours gasoline over his entire body and sets himself aflame. Tiger-Man is able to extinguish the flames and quickly takes the man to nearby Harlem Hospital.
After taking the suicide victim to the burn unit, Tiger-Man changes to his other identity, that of Dr. Lancaster Hill. He quickly heads back to the burn unit, hoping to assist with the burn victim. The burns, however, are too severe and the patient does not survive. Prior to his death, he utters one word... Hypnos.
Written by Gerry Conway with Ditko inked by Al Milgrom. 
Larry Lieber & Frank Giacoia cover.

Highly recommended reading, magnificent!
While I enjoy Ernie Colon, especially on The 911 Report graphic novel he magnificently illustrated, I thoroughly enjoy Ditko's amazing artwork.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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