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Steve Ditko turned to illustrate famed archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones in the Marvel Comics' The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones series. With George Lucas's Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels, I became a diehard Indiana Jones fan (except for the latest one, not so much.)

Originally, Tom Selleck was cast as Indiana Jones, but had to pull out for Magnum P.I. and deferring the role to Harrison Ford. Selleck went on to star in High Road to China, another high adventure along the Indiana Jones mantle. It's available in DVD, I would recommend the fun adventure.

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #21
"Beyond the Lucifer Chamber" (Part 2 of a 3 part story)
Indiana Jones has only 24 hours to live! But he, Marion, and Marcus must still find Ben Ali Ayoob! It takes place in Switzerland — where our heroes struggle on, knowingly accompanied by a paid assassin! 
Plot by David (Action Comics, Amazing Spider-Man) Michelinie with James (Deadpool, Unknown Soldier) Owsley script.
Inks by Bob (Man-Thing) Wiacek, pages 1-4, Steve (Coyote) Leialoha inks pages 5-9, Jack (Avengers. G.I. Joe) Abel inks pages 10-13, Danny (Captain America) Bulanadi inks pages 14-17, Al (Captain Marvel) Milgrom inks pages 18-20, Carl (Alien Legion) Potts inks pages 21-22. Edward Norton may have assisted on background inks on some pages.
Cover by Joe (Firestorm, Cartoon Network Presents ) Brozowski with Bob Wiacek inks.

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #25
"Good as Gold"
Jessie Hale, researching Incan artifacts in the Andes mountains, uncovers a stone tablet that she believes will lead her to the mythical city of El Dorado. She wires her employer, the American Institute for Natural History, requesting a translator and is sent Indiana Jones. Ivar Reiss, spurned son of wealthy industrialist Edgard Reiss, gets wind of the discovery and follows Jones to Peru. Reiss holds the archaeologists captive, intending to claim the gold of El Dorado for himself.
Written by Linda (Star Wars) Grant.
Danny Bulanadi inks. 
Michael (G.I. Joe, Justice Machine Annual) Golden cover!

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #26
"Trail of the Golden Guns"
Short Round rescues Indiana Jones from a pirate attack in the Caribbean, where Indy had hoped to find evidence of Atlantis. Back at Marshall College, Elizabeth Cody (granddaughter of "Buffalo Bill" Cody) asks for Indy's assistance in recovering a pair of antique revolvers stolen days earlier by an unscrupulous Russian count, Alexander Salkovich. With the encouragement of Efram Decker from the State Department, Indy and Cody travel to the Ukraine to hunt down Salkovich and the guns.
Ron (Green Hornet) Fortier idea written by David Michelinie.  
Cover by Bob Budiansky with inks by Bill Sienkiewicz

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #27
"Trail of the Golden Guns Chapter 2"
Indiana Jones, Cody, and their Cossack allies storm Salkovich's fortress and retrieve the guns, Salkovich dies in the battle. Cody lets Rostoff win the sharpshooting contest and Rostoff dies satisfied that his honor has been restored. 
Idea from Ron Fortier & written by David Michelinie 
Cover by Keith (Daredevil, Thor) Pollard. 

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #28
"Tower of Tears"
Indiana Jones, the world's most famous archaeologist embarks on his most dangerous adventure yet when he searches for the mysterious Tower of Tears. Are they real, or simply a diabolical hoax? One man, a self-proclaimed sorcerer, believes in them and plans to use the Tower of Tears' power to destroy the world! 

Written by Linda Grant.
Inks by Danny Bulanad.
Cover by Keith Pollard.  

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #32
"Double Play"
Beware of women bearing gifts - especially if the woman is beautiful, and the gift is a priceless artifact! Indiana Jones learns the deadly reason why. 
Written by Linda Grant.
Danny Bulanadi inks.
Cover by Keith Pollard.  

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #33
"Magic, Murder and the Weather"
Indiana Jones discovers that the "Legend of the Seven Sorcerers" is not just legend—it's real... and about to come to life! If he can't stop it, the world as he knows it will be destroyed.
Written by Linda Grant.
Danny Bulanadi inks.
Cover by Keith Pollard.  

The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #34
"Something's Gone Wrong Again"
The moors of Scotland were never more menacing than this! The sorcerer has the amulet! And he's not afraid to use it! Worse— it could mean the destruction of the Earth, and Indiana Jones is powerless to stop him!
Written by Linda Grant.
Inks by Danny Bulanadi.
Cover by Keith Pollard.

Dark Horse Comics published a nice Indiana Jones Omnibus: The Further Adventures paperback collection, reprinting those Marvel issues. Ditko's Indy appears in Vol. 2 & 3. Dark Horse came out with some recommended Indiana Jones comic books, collected into Omnibus editions as well.

"Big" John Buscema & Klaus Janson art in Raiders of the Lost Ark adaptation! Gene Colan cover!

Walt Simonson covers on #2 & #3!
Humming the iconic music, off to read some comics.

Jackson "Butch" Guice art in the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom adaptation!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Bret Blevins art in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade adaptation!

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