Tuesday, June 16, 2015


You get the full effect of Gene (Master of Kung Fu) Day's artistic prowess when reading his earlier, solo black & white tales, like "Samurai" published in Mike Friedrich's Star*Reach #11. If you haven't, please go out and search up this comic book series. It's fantastic!

It'll leave you thinking, wishing it was on the big screen - the mastery of Gene Day's vision. He's here, in all his artistic glory.

Gotta love it! I did, way before he got his amazing gig on Master of Kung Fu, the best since Paul Gulacy. And don't forget about Star Wars.

Don't miss Epic Illustrated #16. Archie Goodwin writes a terrific text piece on Gene Day and his amazing artwork.

He pushed boundaries, like Gulacy, on Master of Kung Fu!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Black Zeppelin ran 5 issues with Gene Day, and his brothers, artwork! Recommended!

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