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Popular Batman hero/villain Man-Bat got his own short-lived series (it lasted only two issues). Man-Bat creators Frank Robbins & Neal Adams were no longer at DC by the time Man-Bat was awarded his own title, so the writing and art chores--for the first issue only--fell to writer Gerry (Spider-Man, TV's Law and Order) Conway and artist Steve (Creeper) Ditko. Ditko was superbly inked by Al (Firestorm) Milgrom in this issue.

Man-Bat #2 by Pasko, Marcus, Villamonte & Aparo!

Ditko comes out with a mysterious Batman!

Ditko's dynamic Man-Bat!

They gave Man-Bat an even more Gothic style than Frank (Invaders) Robbins and Neal (Deadman) Adams' version, complete with castles and evil sorcerers. It was a fun first issue, worth the price of admission just to get to see Steve Ditko draw Batman--how often does that happen? Not to mention how  mysterious looking Batman is! And how about that fantastic Jim Aparo cover!
Man-Bat #1  Is he Man--or Man-Monster?
"Beware the Eye of Baron Tyme"
Baron Tyme takes control of Francine and forces her to kill. Man-Bat tracks him to his lair and the Baron is apparently killed during the struggle.
Cool trivia note: Ditko did get to draw the villain, Baron Tyme, about four years later when Tyme battled the Demon in Detective Comics #483-485!
Possible alteration on Batman's face by Joe Kubert
Article recapping Man-Bat's history and appearances.
Love the expressions Ditko gives to his characters!

The second and final issue of Man-Bat featured Marty Pasko writing with Pablo (Kobra) Marcus & Ricardo Villamonte handling art. I do enjoy Pablo Marcus, especially on his Kobra & Master of Kung Fu (inks on Paul Gulacy pencils.) Jim Aparo sported a cool cover.

I'll be out tomorrow, but back on Monday with a look at one of my favorite TV tie-in comic book series. See you then!

Still comes out to the right & wrong Ditko expresses so well!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Lovely panel!

Still one of my favorite Ditko pieces!

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  1. Man-Bat #1 is a lot of fun. I was very disappointed when #2 changed creative teams, if I remember right.