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From the fantastic imagination of Jules Verne came From the Earth to the Moon! The story of the Baltimore Gun Club, a post-American Civil War society of weapons enthusiasts, and their attempts to build an enormous sky-facing Columbiad space gun and launch three people — the Gun Club's president, his Philadelphian armor-making rival, and a French poet — in a projectile with the goal of a moon landing.

Picture of the cover from the paperback novel!

In the motion picture of From the Earth to the Moon, set just after the American civil war, businessman and inventor Victor Barbicane invents a new source of power called Power X. He plans to use it to power rockets, and to show its potential he plans to send a projectile to the moon. Joining him for the trip are his assistant Ben Sharpe, Barbicane's arch-rival Stuyvesant Nicholl, and Nicholl's daughter Virginia. Nicholl believes that Power X goes against the will of God and sabotages the projectile so that they cannot return to earth, setting up a suspenseful finale as they battle to repair the projectile.

What discoveries await on the Moon!
Preparation for the journey into outer space!

Classics Illustrated #105 From the Earth to the Moon
"From the Earth to the Moon"
Illustrated by Alex (Classics Illustrated) Blum. 
This is adapted from the novel by the same name, written by Jules Verne.
A biographical article about Jules Verne.
A biographical story relating an incident in the life of President Andrew Johnson.
An article describing Ponce De Leon's quest for the fountain of Youth.
An article on the settling of the state of Oklahoma

Acclaim Comics published Classics Illustrated #26 From the Earth to the Moon 
Reprint of the Classics Illustrated #105 From the Earth to the Moon.
A digest sized comic book adaptation of Verne's novel, followed by an essay.
Delightful Jim (Aquaman, Armorines) Calafiore cover!
Leading up to the blast off!


A wonderful tale of fantasy, with some serious thought put into it, makes From the Earth to the Moon still one of Jules Verne's acclaimed novels. It's great to be able to enjoy it beyond the imaginative novel itself, in the comic books and the motion pictures!

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The effects of weightlessness in outer space!

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