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Back in the days, there was an wildly popular kids TV show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Marvel Comics. published a 7 issue comic book series based on the series. Steve Ditko drew two solid 10-page stories for them, among the last half-dozen or so stories he did for Marvel.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers members consisted of White Ranger (Tommy), Pink Ranger (Kat), Red Ranger (Rocky), Yellow Ranger (Aisha), Blue Ranger (Billy), and the Black Ranger (Adam.) They are six teenagers who use martial arts and the guidance of their mentor, Zordon, to defend the town of Angel Grove from persistent attacks by Lord Zed and other interdimensional villains.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2
"A Simple Misunderstanding"
Bulk and Skull have joined the junior police to try and meet babes but the plan backfires when they try to trick Zedd's goons into making them look like heroes and the Power Rangers have to intervene.
Written by Frank Lovece.
Inks by Jim Amash & Pond Scum (Scott Elmer.)
Ron Lim & Mark McKenna cover. 
As I look back on this, I do like the photo cover! They usually grab me!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4
"Revenge Of The Nerd" 
Lord Zedd gives an acne plagued teenager the power to battle the Power Rangers.
Written by Tom Daning.
Inks by Tom Palmer.
Photo cover.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 Ninja Rangers/VR Troopers
"Ghost of a Chance" 
VR Troopers flip book.
Written by  Frank Strom.
Inked by Jim Amash.

FYI: VR Troopers, also based on another Saban hit television show, are three teenagers that move from the virtual reality dimension discovered by Tyler Steel and transform into Virtual Reality Troopers in the real world. Aided by Professor Horatio Hart, whose essence is inside the computer mainframe, the teenagers, Ryan, J.B., and Kaitlin, battle the underlings of the evil Grimlord.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5 Ninja Rangers/VR Troopers
"The Boy Trooper"
VR Troopers flip book. 
Written by Frank Strom.
Inks by Tom Christopher. 

With the first series, Ron (Silver Surfer, X-Men 2099) handled most of the artistic chores. Fabian (Nomad) Nicieza was the lead writer. 

Same cover used for Hamilton's #1 & Graphic Album, by Bret Blevins & Terry Austin!

Interestinglty enough, Gray (Red Circle Sorcery) Morrow did artwork for the Mighty Morphin Power Ragers Graphic Album #1, reprinting the story from Hamilton Comics Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1. You've got to keep your eye out for some of the work Morrow, Wood & Ditko drew. 

A bit goofy, but love the Ditko emotion that still comes through.
Nicola Cuti & Gray Morrow, what more can you ask for?

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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