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In the world of tie-in comic books, popularizing classic novels of various genres, first came Classics Illustrated #163 Master of the World, adapted from the terrific Jules Verne, a master of the high concept novel. The Nautilus and the Albatross were amazing vehicles, mixing function and luxury! Then along came Dell Four Color #1157 Master of the World, to adapt the fantastic motion picture, starring a magnificent Vincent Price. Then Marvel Comics went back to adapting the novel, in Marvel Classics Comics #21 Master of the World. Fantastic comic book fare!

Pages from Classics Illustrated #162 Robur the Conqueror! Don Perlin artwork.

Jules Verne first wrote Robur the Conqueror (aka Clipper of the Clouds.) Robur is an elusive figure, nothing revealed about his mysterious past, even his full name and nationality remain unknown. Notable as a brilliant engineer and inventor, he secretly creates the most sophisticated flying machine of his time, the gigantic Albatross, a heavier-than-air model similar to a sea-going ship, propelled by dozens of rotors. However arrogant and idealistic, Robur is not without noble qualities.

Pages from Classics Illustrated #163 Master of the World! Great Gray Morrow artwork, I mean, is there otherwize!

Verne then wrote a blistering sequel, entitled Master of the World. In 1871, three balloonists are captured when they investigate the eruption of a volcano, in Pennsylvania. Their mysterious captor is the mad inventor Robur, who has built a huge airship, the Albatross. Who embarks on a mission to attack the world's armies and force them to give up war.

Classics Illustrated #162 Robur the Conqueror
"Robur the Conqueror"
Illustrated by Don (Moon Knight) Perlin. Some of the best work I've seen of his.
Painted cover by Casey Jones.

Biography of the notable author, Jules Verne.

Classics Illustrated #163 Master of the World
"Master of the World"
Cover & art by Gray (Starlord) Morrow. I've never see any of his artwork I didn't like. Top notch!
Text article on the amazing author, Jules Verne.

Dell Four Color #1157 Master of the World   The story of a madman who tried to destroy the armies of the world and outlaw war!
Inside front cover; black and white. Preview of the story in comic form with a partial cast list. 
"Master of the World"
Adapted by Gaylord (Space Family Robinson) Du Bois with Jack (Pirana, Dirty Dozen) Sparling artwork. Now there's a couple of terrific creators!

Overview of the life of Jules Verne article. 
"They Ruled the World"
Article on the back cover.  

Gil Kane was a masterful cover artist!

Marvel Classics Comics #21 Featuring Master of the World   Suspense and Intrigue in The Magnificent Manner -- as only Mighty Marvel can Present it!
"Master of the World"
Adapted by Doug (Master of Kung-Fu) Moench with art by Dino (The Invisible Man) Castrillo.
The comic book is an adaptation of the Jules Verne novel "MaƮtre du monde [Master of the World]"
Dynamic cover art by Gil (Blackmark, His Name is...Savage) Kane & Bob (Archer & Armstrong) Wiacek
Biography of Jules Verne.

Batman: Master of the Future!
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1!

Robur also appears in the grat Batman: Master of the Future (sequel to Gotham by Gaslight) by Brian Augustyn & Eduarto Barreto & the first three volumes of the wonderful League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill. 

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2 & 3!

It's fun to explore the classic novels that influenced us, enriched us with endless hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, only a few of the Classics Illustrated have been reissued, so many of them hard to find for the great series it was. Harder yet, trying to find the Dell Four Color! Just think, there's some Alex Toth, Russ Manning and countless others lost to the average reader. A darn shame!

Now that's what I'm talking about, that's The Albatross!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Like the painting on this foreign edition!

Always loved the movie tie-in editions! This one even includes both novels!

The novels are also available in ebook formats!

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