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I trust you didn't think I'd keep you hanging. I wouldn't think of it. Here's the follow up to my post from a couple of days ago completing the cataclysmic conclusion to the Marvel Comics adaptation of the original Star Wars saga. 

Marvel Special Edition Star Wars 2 collected the fourth, fifth & sixth issues from the fantastic Marvel Star Wars series of comics. It's an awesome Oversized 10 x 14 inch Treasury sized comic, very popular and common in the 1970's. For epics such as Star Wars, the Treasury edition was perfect! 

Have fun!

Marvel Special Edition Featuring Star Wars #2
Table of Contents, Credits and B&W photograph of the conquering heroes with their medals, from the end of the film.
Cover art by Howard Chaykin & Tony DeZuniga.
Recap with three full page illustrations with synopsis text.
Art by Tony DeZuniga.
Star Wars Chapter Four "In Battle With Darth Vader"
After disabling the invincible Death Star's powerful tractor beam, noble Jedi Knight Obi-Wan duels with fearsome Sith Lord Darth Vader.
All three chapters written by Roy Thomas. 
Art by Howard Chaykin & Steve Leialoha.
Star Wars Chapter Five "Lo, the Moons of Yarvin" 
The rebels plan a daring assault on the looming Death Star.
Art by Howard Chaykin & Steve Leialoha.
Credits for cast and crew of the film. 
Star Wars Chapter Six "Is This--the Final Chapter" 
The fleet of courageous rebels, along with Luke Skywalker, valiantly attack the planet sized Death Star and Darth Vader himself. 
Art by Howard Chaykin (layouts), Rick Hoberg (finished art), Bill Wray & Dave Stevens. Stevens inked a few pages, including page 30. He also redrew Luke Skywalker in the last panel of that page.
Promo ad. 
Inside back cover B&W photo of George Lucas and Alec Guinness on the set of the film with thank you statement bearing the signatures of Roy and Howie.
Full page illustration by Howard Chaykin &  Tony DeZuniga.
All three issues came out in a Whitman variant. 

Here again, this was reprinted in B&W in the Star Wars paperback from Ballantine Books. Great collectible for the Star Wars completest. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Here's where Carmine Infantino starts us on his ride through the Star Wars Universe.

Back cover by Chaykin & DeZuniga!
Cover for the third issue, by Ernie Chan, collecting the first two Treasury editions!
Ernie Chan's back cover for the third issue.


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