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Jim Shooter's short lived Defiant Comics published a terrific comic book creation of Steve Ditko & Jim Shooter titled Dark Dominion. Ditko's art shows only in the #0 issue, included in the trading card set, although his artistic influence was reflected in the early issues.

Michael Alexander was the author of a book entitled, "Dark Dominion," exploring the idea another world occupied the same spacetime as our own. From this alternate world, housing the sub-stratum of our world, demons arise from the fears of human beings. The only way to see this hidden world was to put aside one's fears.

Harkens to the early days of Valiant Comics!
The main villain, Chasm, chose Manhattan to be his headquarters on Earth because of the vast population on whose fears he could draw from.

Michael Alexander was the one man who wasn't afraid to face Chasm and the demons of the Dark Dominion. He perceived this alternate dimension as an energy-filled double of our own, with various demonic-type bits of architecture added to it. Monsters tended to ride the very humans they afflicted. This is seen in a Charlemagne crossover when he tears creatures from the minds of affected dockworkers. The same issue sees Michael befriending a super-powered 'fish out of water' named Charles.

Dark Dominion #0
Cover by Steve Ditko & Marcus (The Good Guys, Elementals) David.
"None So Blind..." 
Michael learns to "see" into the substratum and affect things there.
Written by Joe Shooter with Steve Ditko artwork, inked by Keith (Charlemagne, Elementals) Wilson & Grey (The Good Guys, Prudence and Caution.)
Created by Jim (Legion of Super Heroes) Shooter. Developed by Jim Shooter and Steve (Mr. A, The Mocker) Ditko.
You had to mail away to get this illustration which slides into the back cover.

Still showing the Ditko influence!

Len (Star Trek, Green Lantern) Wein, J.G. (Wanted) Jones and Charlie (X-Files, Walking Dead) Adlard , worked on the book in later issues. The story of Dark Dominion was only published for ten issues. Four more issues were solicited, and one more issue was produced, but, due to the closing of the company, they were never released.
I enjoyed Defiant, gone too soon!
The Dark Dominion pack of trading cards.

Pin-up of Spidey I came across recently, hadn't seen before. Couldn't resist adding this. Looks like this gem came from Amazing Spider-Man #3.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Ditko's concept sketches for the trading card set.

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