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The new Blue Beetle series was all too short-lived, only five issues. In the pages of Captain Atom, Charlton Comics introduced Ted Kord as a student of Dan Garrett, the old Blue Beetle. Kord took on the role of the Blue Beetle when Garrett died and passed him the torch. Ted was an inventor hero, using a cool variety of fancy gadgets.

Blue Beetle #4  BB Faces the Men of the Mask!

"The Men of the Mask"
The Blue Beetle trails a man, who appears to be Dan Garrett, to an isle ruled by a cult of fanatic killers, the Men of the Mask.
Script (as D.C. Glanzman) & art by Steve Ditko.

Reprinted in Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2 from DC Comics.

Letter's page to issue #4!

The Dan Garrett Blue Beetle predecessor to Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle

Great magazine to remind you of the good old days of Charlton Comics!
This was the next to the last issue of Blue Beetle from Charlton Comics. Not to forget about a couple of unpublished gems, one of which was published in the Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2. Blue Beetle was the next best thing to Steve Ditko's Spider-Man.  

Striking logo!

Detail from the cover of issue #1.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

My favorite illustration of Blue Beetle from Steve Ditko.
Nice array of Steve Ditko fantastic action heroes, from various publishers!
Concept sketches of Captain Atom from Steve Ditko.

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