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Vic Sage, The Question, was originally created as a minor Charlton Comics hero. He was heavily influenced by Steve Ditko's objectivist views, similar to his other previous creation, Mr A. and espoused a firmly objective standard of ethics. In his first appearances, Sage had very little backstory, and was often ruthless in his treatment of criminals.

In the early 1980s, the first issue of Charlton's anthology comic Charlton Bullseye featured a terrific team-up of the Blue Beetle and the Question. The action heroes meet, as the Enigma's men hijack the Beetle's flying Bug. The pair use a homing device to track the Bug to the Enigma's warehouse hideout, where they have to overcome a series of deathtraps.

AC Comics brought back the old Blue Beetle as well as the new!

Later, AC Comics would publish a story intended for Charlton Bullseye in Americomics #3, and a one-shot of a team-up of all the Charlton "Action Heroes" called the Sentinels of Justice, as the company called its lineup. Upon losing Blue Beetle, AC Comics created a similar character called Scarlet Scorpion.

Blue Beetle #3
"Murder at a Square Construction"
The Question must solve the mystery of a man murdered by drowning--on top of a skyscraper under construction!
Written (as D.C. (David Charles) Glanzman) & illustrated by Steve Ditko.

Modern Comics didn't publish a Blue Beetle #2.
Reprinted in Modern Comics Blue Beetle #3. Exact reprint of Charlton issue #3 except for one page that was cut from the main story, newer ads and different cover copy (Modern Comics logo, 35c cover price, and "Power-Packed Issue!" blurb).

Also reprinted in D Comics Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2 

Here's an Australian reprint publication of Blue Beetle #3, under their numbering of #2. Includes old and new Blue Beetle stories, but unfortunately no Question story.  

Letter's page from Blue Beetle #3.

Who misses these guys?

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

The Charlton Action Heroes resided at AC Comics for a short time prior to ending up at DC.
I didn't care much for the change in Nightshade's costume from the Charlton days!


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