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Flash Gordon is a sci-fi hero from 1930's. An exceptional athlete and courageous man, Flash was dubbed "King Of the Impossible" due to many fantastic adventures and accomplishments including thwarting an invasion from the planet Mongo orchestrated by his arch nemesis, Ming the Merciless.

Reed Crandall art.
Pat Boyette cover art.
Flash Gordon was originally owned and published by King Features Syndicate and has since been licensed by several other companies for books, movies and comics.

This was some of Frank Bolle's finest artwork!

Flash Gordon #2  Flash finds a grim surprise lurking in THE DEATH TRAP OF MONGO!
The Gil Kane cover scene is taken from the Flash Gordon series running as a back-up strip in the contemporary Phantom book.
"The Death Trap of Mongo"
Ming the Merciless schemes to bring Flash back to Mongo.
Reprinted in the Flash Gordon #1 Pinnacle Books edition. The pages are reformatted to fit the paperback format.
"Flash Gordon and the Sea Beast"
Flash Gordon crash lands and runs into pirates. 
Written by Archie (Star Wars, Manhunter) Goodwin with art by Frank (Doctor Solar, Magnus, Robot Fighter) Bolle.


Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Vol. 2
Reprints from King Comics Flash Gordon #1-11 & back up stories in The Phantom #18-20.

Ad for The Phantom game in Flash Gordon #2.
Ad for Flash Gordon & Phantom kits for Captain Action, from Flash Gordon #2.
Letters page from Flash Gordon #2.
Unused Flash Gordon cover by Jeff Jones!
First of six Flash Gordon novels by David Hagberg, Book One with a painted Boris Vallejo cover.
Boris Vallejo line art cover! Paperback reprints comic strips from the seventies.
Flash Gordon hearkens back to the days of the space opera. Bold, grand adventure! We certainly are missing that these days. Thanks to Dark Horse, we can relive those fantastic days of the classic Flash Gordon!

There's even been a few Flash Gordon cartoons.
Great gallery of Flash Gordon feature artists over the years!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Majestic Al Williamson pencils to one of his classic pieces. Ming looks especially menacing.

Paintings by legendary Boris Vallejo for the Tempo Books paperback novels.

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