Monday, December 28, 2015


Blue Beetle #5 was the next, to the last, appearance of the Question. Steve Ditko didn't want to use his Mr. A character yet, so he created the next best thing for us all, the Question.

Page from a Mr. A from Witzend #1 hardcover, from Fantagraphics, pictured below!

Fantastic collection of Witzend publication from legendary Wally (Cannon) Wood!

Hub City investigative reporter Vic Sage (aka Charles Victor Szasz) chose to strike back against those immune from exposure on his programme as a vigilante operating outside Hub's corrupt systems. Disguising himself with a ghostly mask, making it look as though he has no facial features.

Blue Beetle #5
"The Critic"
When a disgruntled artist costumed as “Our Man”, a statue of defeatism, seeks to destroy heroic art, the Blue Beetle and Vic Sage team up to counter his actions. The Question must stop modern art critic Boris Ebar from destroying a heroic painting that haunts his conscience.
Written (as D.C. Glanzman) and drawn by Steve Ditko.
Continued in part from the Blue Beetle story in the same issue.

Transformation time!

Ad from Blue Beetle #5, used after the Question story.
Applying that incredible mask!

From here, the Question did manage to appear in a full story in Charlton Comics Mysterious Suspense. It's one of my all-time favorite comic book covers.

Bruce (Batman) Timm art!
Matt (Grendel) Wagner art!
Rick (Blackhawk) Burchett art!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Dick (Sarge Steel) Giordano art!
One of the few photos of the reclusive Steve Ditko!
Tony (Walking Dead) Moore art!


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