Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Here's a rarely seen issue of the short lived The Back Hole series, from Western Publishing Co.! It's the only issue of the four I've only come across online. Unfortunately I do no own a printed copy.

Along with a new story, I enjoyed Dan Spiegle's artwork!

Beyond the Black Hole #4   Another Earth - Another Universe!
Dynamic Chuck (Turok) Liese painted cover. 
"The Virlights"
In the mirror universe, the crew, Dan Holland, Dr. Kate McCrae, Charlie Pizer, Old B.O.B and V.I.N.CENT find a planet where there is a forest full of dinosaurs and a futuristic city ruled by a beautiful queen, under siege by an army of robots.
Written by Michael (Buck Rogers) Teitelbaum with art by Dan (Space Family Robinson, Blackhawk) Spiegle.
Number on cover is 90306-009. Based on characters from the Walt Disney movie "The Black Hole". This comic sold only via comic packs.

Gotta admit I've got a soft spot for dinosaurs.

This is an extremely rare issue of which I came across only recently. An estimated around 200 copies exist, unlikely given the frequency of copies appearing for sale (1 or 2 appear each year on eBay, though a decent copy still fetches around $200). Its rarity is likely due to the commercial failure of the film and also that issue being late published due to delays with the cover artwork, (notation on the back of the original cover art).

Original crew members.
Merchandising brochures for the film stated that Whitman planned to publish a 5th and a 6th issue in the US. Instead the stories were published as part of the German comic series. 

Jack "King" Kirby even got into the action with a comic strip based on the movie!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

I did enjoy the movie, fun!

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