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The Question (Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage) was created by legendary Steve Ditko, debuting in Charlton Comics Blue Beetle #1.

Based in Hub City, Vic Sage made his mark as a highly outspoken and aggressive investigative journalist. Sage was approached by Aristotle Rodor, his former professor, currently a scientist. Rodor told Sage about an artificial skin he had co-developed called Pseudoderm. Pseudoderm was intended to work as an applied skin-like bandage with the help of a bonding gas, but it had an unforeseen toxicity which was sometimes fatal when applied to open wounds.

Soon after helping Rodor, Sage decided his new identity as The Question would be useful for future investigations and partnered with Professor Rodor, who eventually modified the bonding gas to change the color of Sage's hair and clothing. The two men became good friends, with Sage affectionately referring to Rodor as "Tot".

Blue Beetle #4
"Kill Vic Sage"
The Question comes into conflict with a gang out to capture and kill Vic Sage.
Plot & art by Steve (Creeper, Hawk and the Dove, Mr. A.) Ditko, script by Steve (Sarge Steel, Undersea Agent, Hawk and the Dove, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, Thane of Bagarth) Skeates (as Warren Savin.)

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The Action Heroes Archives Vol. 2

"Kill Vic Sage"
The Question comes into conflict with a gang out to capture and kill Vic Sage.
Plot & art by Steve Ditko, script by Steve Skeates (as Warren Savin.)

The Question was Ditko's predecessor to his iconic Mr. A.
The Question was more ruthless in his methods. For example, when he was fighting some criminals in a sewer and knocked them into a deep and fast moving water flow, he declined to pull them out despite their real danger of drowning. Instead, he left to notify the police to retrieve them in case they survived the ordeal.

Very cool calling card!
Of all Ditko's creations to date, The Question most purely reflected the artist's own values, ethics and motivations. 

No words necessary!

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