Monday, August 17, 2015


Harvey Thriller published three issues of Spyman stories in Top Secret Adventures #1-#3. This comic became most famous for providing us the earliest of Jim Steranko's work the comic book medium. For me, it introduced one of my favorite comic book artists to me, Bill Draut.

Although he was most know for his romance, horror, war and western comics, he also got in a few superhero comics in there as well. Bee-Man, Jigsaw. Teen Titans, Phantom Stranger & Jack Q. Frost were some of the superheroes he illustrated, than goodness for Harvey!

Spyman #3
"Death of Spyman"
Written by Otto Binder with art by Bill Draut.

Spyman continues to be one of my favorite Silver Age comic books. I enjoyed the Harvey Thriller line immensely, especially when Bill Draut was involved, as in Jigsaw, Bee-Man & Jack Q. Frost. I hope you've enjoyed some of his art over the years. 

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  1. I have at least this issue. Got it for $1. Bargain bin. Haven't read it yet.