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Then came the fun of a second issue of Big Hero Adventures presenting Jigsaw, the Man of a Thousand Parts, from Harvey Thrillers, who gave us memorable comics such as Spyman, Pirana, Bee-Man & Jack Q. Frost. I enjoyed the chapter format they used in the comics.

Astronaut Gary Jason was placidly orbiting, when his space capsule was battered and shattered by a stream of boulders, tree trunks and other debris rising out of Siberia. Without even a space suit to shield him from the surrounding vacuum, he was sucked, along with the rest of the flotsam, into a laboratory beneath the lunar crater Ptolemy.

Fearful of being perceived as enemies of Earth, the aliens running the place, Si-Krell and Plentha, repaired his smashed body with parts they had lying around, making him (with the inexplicable exceptions of his head and hands) look like a human-shaped pile of jigsaw puzzle parts, hence the name Jigsaw. He was as pliable as Plastic Man and as strong as The Hulk.

Jigsaw #2
"Interplanetary Olympics"
Gary is entered into the "Intergalactic Olympics" by the Krell, acting as Earth's representative. There he finds that his main opponent will be Zarkhow of Pulotonia, who challenges him to a duel. Defeating the vile alien, Jigsaw is sent temporarily berserk when the alien uses a strange device on him, but luckily manages to regain control of himself in time to force Zarkhow to flee, and then be blasted from the skies. 
Written by Otto (Spyman) Binder with art by Tony (Werewolf) Tallarico.

One of the Interplanetary Olympic events was called the Death Walk,featuring two combatants armed with electric lances and nets who battle it out on a beam of solid light particles. Again there are serious consequences for losing, as the first to fall is vanquished.

The proposed Joe Simon cover to the third issue of Jigsaw!

Unfortunately, the third issue of Jigsaw was, to my knowledge never finished, much less printed. The fun comes to an end with the second issue. We can dream.  

Original artwork for Tony Tallarico's splash page to the proposed Jigsaw #3!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Love the back cover to Jigsaw #3, had the original Batmobile model at one time. Years later, Polar Lights reissued the two models which I snatched up in a heartbeat!

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  1. Man I wish I had those comics. And that there was a third issue!